Sunday, June 16, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Campaign To Silence & Centralize

Happy Father's Day. Here's some hope for us all, in the form of a two-part report by SGT Report regarding the Deep State and their push to censor Trump supporters and other dissidents on the Internet, and I urge you to take the time to listen.

The aim is simple: use the Network Effect to Empire's advantage. The scheme? Use Muh Hate Speech as fake blasphemy laws to justify silencing and removing enemies of Empire from the social media hubs of the Internet, then throttle and curtail whatever alternatives used to replace those pillars so any possibility of being supplanted is neutralized. Legal, financial, and technical means are used in concert to achieve this end- especially the financial means.

This is why anti-trust measures and FTC pressure needs to happen (for Americans; for the rest of you, push your best options to do likewise) lest they ghettoize Empire's enemies into silence and use Establishment media to gaslight people back into line. While some folks are stupid about their expectations of the President, the rest of us know better and a few--such as Anonymous Conservative--see properly that Trump is doing far more than expected in spite of Empire's opposition.

I don't think this will succeed. The anti-trust investigations are already going to go against Empire's assets in social media. FTC pressure, on the other hand, is on us; get a few thousand folks to file complaints and they'll move on it. Get friendlies in Congress to amplify those complaints and they'll move faster. The sooner this Narrative Warfare backstop scheme fails, the better the rest of us will be and the sooner Empire falls.

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