Sunday, June 23, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The God-Emperor Set A Trap

From the brilliant Anonymous Conversative blog, this on how the God-Emperor ran a string on the Neo-Conservative traitors trying to trick him into doing their bidding:

An interesting allegation by a claimed insider here on 4chan, who implied with a moustache pic he may be Moustache-Anon, and not as much of a neocon warmonger so much as an actor playing a role. TLDR; Trump never intended to attack Iran. The goal was to take a reason to attack Iran, have Trump act as if he was going to give in and launch an attack, brief Congress on the plan, document Cabal assets in government passing the plans to Kerry/Brennan/et al. who would pass them on to Iran, then document Iran preparing to take out our pilots using the intelligence passed to them. Then nail all the traitors for treason. The Cabalites in Congress figured once Iran killed a few pilots, and maybe caught a few and put them on the television, Trump would be too mired in a mess to deal with the Cabal. Trump, ten steps ahead, figured actually catching Congressmen and women betraying the military was pure gold. What fits with it is, one, how would Trump be indecisive on a military strike, and reverse course at the very last minute? And two, why would Trump use fighters and risk shootdowns and pilots, when SOP is usually to simply launch cruise missiles from international waters?

This is why wise observers, like the Supreme Dark Lord, repeatedly counsel people to wait two days at the least before reacting to anything the God-Emperor does or is said to have done.

As Anonymous Conservative notes, this is far more likely simply because it squares with previous Trump behavior. He's using what he knows of how Cabal--his term for Empire--behaves, how they work, against them in order to flush out one set of moles at a time and set them up for removal. What people need to understand is that Empire's Thralls are legion, and they've had--by my estimate--between 100 and 150 years to turn the American government to their ends so completely. TDLR? "Shit takes time, yo."

This is not one of those stupid "We shall have one decisive battle and then we're done!" things; Trump is Quintus Fabius Maximus, and this is a Fabian strategy against enemies who've done the same to get Empire where it is now. This is an endurance contest, and Narrative Warfare is the primary means of combat because even covert violence isn't yet that viable an option; this is all about perception manipulation so as to use lawfare to take out targets. Hence lots of legal wrangling and incarcerations, but few corpses.

Once the bodies start piling up, that's when we know that the God-Emperor's Fabian strategy has succeeded because Empire will push from gaslighting to gunning to win and then we're soon to open warfare, at which point Empire Must Fall.

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