Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Thralls Deployed The Goons

Portland, Oregon is an Antifa-controlled city. The mayor is one of them in all but name, allowing them to run riot on targeted opposition and using the police only to perform a few token arrests that don't do any real damage to Antifa while denying the population the protection of the law that justifies their existence as an agency. If Hillary were in the White House, they would be running like this across the country and not just in Democrat-controlled cities.

Yesterday they targeted and assault journalist Andy Ngo, a gay Asian man, who was there to cover their protest. They threw milkshakes at him lined with quick-drying cement. He spent the night in the hospital due to bleeding on the brain, in addition to the bruising he sustained, and it is no surprise that their fellow travelers in the media covered for them by justfying the violence as "defense".

Fortunately one of the saner ones summarizes this succinctly.

Which lines up with Communist inversion of language as a deliberate psychological attack to degrade the targeted demographic through humiliation via blatant lying backed by state power. They're calling this "defense", when they're using Twitter to coordinate target selection and organize attacks against those so selected for their ability to combat their political agenda. They execute attacks with the specific aim of taking that target out, making their actions fit the textbook and legal definition of terrorism.

Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization.

And its support by state and media actors stands in lieu of real popular support, following the model used by the intelligence community for fomenting civil unrest abroad.

They are an outlaw organization, and outlaws are Fair Game. If neither the City of Portland nor the State of Oregon will justify their existence and destroy the local network nodes, then either the Federal Government of the United States has to do so--and given the terrorism, they have jurisdiction to do so--or the American nation will have to do it themselves *ahem* by any means necessary and they will be right to do so, as well as right to refuse and resist condemnation and punishment for doing so.

At least Mr. Ngo's lawyer isn't going to do nothing; he's looking to sue civilly, willing and able to wage lawfare to put this down, which is preferable to what will otherwise be certain to come: stalking them, tracking their movements, and then assassinating them one by one in brutal gangland-style violence. They aren't going to stop otherwise. Empire Must Fall.

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