Sunday, January 26, 2020

On Pandemics & Global Civilizations

Yes, another Black Pigeon Speaks video. Yes, another on a down note, but it's a timely one given the Wuhan Whoopsie and its release of the Coronavirus strain therein.

Ultimately, what this episode does--regardless of the damage done or the lives lost--is expose the stupidity of Globalism and its ease of travel for both people and capital. The nationalist wave will only benefit from this event, as the criticisms to be made of government policies world-wide enabling the swift spread of this disease as well as the criticism of the Chinese cultural character that made the initial breach of containment possible necessarily exposes two glaring lies of Globalism:

  1. All cultures are equal, and therefore beyond reproach, so there is no reason to inhibit transit of goods or people.
  2. All peoples are equal, and therefore fungible as cogs in a machine, so there is no reason to deny free movement of either individuals or groups.

The truth is that specific national cultures inhibited competent management of dangerous materials (infection diseases), and specific ideological dogmas among Western elites exacerbated that incompetence by inhibiting the means to prevent the breach of containment from spreading beyond the country of origin.

The enemies of Empire have been handed, by divine Providence, a rhetorical killshot to use against anti-nationalist policies and parties who have made this pandemic possible, and they are fools if they don't use it to wreck the Enemy and thwart its desire to consume and destroy Mankind. Empire Must Fall.

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