Sunday, April 19, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Corona-chan Killed The 20th Century

Black Pigeon Speaks, on his Felix Rex channel, put out a video on Tokyo's not-a-lockdown now that Corona-chan decided to take a second visit to that country.

The first big takeaway is a reminder that Japan is a Face culture where screwups are punished severely, so using social pressure does work where legal legbreaking would be overkill over there. The second is that economic shutdown is as ruinous there as it is in Europe, the United States, and everywhere else it's happened and therefore is undesirable by everyone. The third is that, as with the rest of the world, there are folks who just don't care and carry on anyway.

In short, it appears that Corona-chan's had more or less the same effects wherever she visits with more or less the same responses. Specifics vary by country and region and nation, but the ends remain similar if not identical. What remains to be seen are the consequences; I doubt that Japan's going to embrace homeschooling, for example, or that we shall see Work From Home take off there like it will in the U.S., but neither do I see any serious negative changes coming either. If anyone's likely to shrug it off and go back to things as before, it's Japan.

This is not the case elsewhere. Here in the United States, we see that the fracturing that precedes a breakup has just cracked good and hard thanks to Corona-chan. Because the God-Emperor uses the principle of Federalism as the Founders designed, and therefore delegated day-to-day tactical and local logistics to the governors of the several states, we've seen that most paper Americans are truly so In Name Only and in particular we've seen NeverTrumpers and Democrats show their asses via petty despotism and willful incompetence at every step- down to revealing staggering corruption and short-sightedness that was only possible thanks to a compliant and complicit media establishment.

And now we have the factions reforming into regional coalitions--the prelude to outright Successor States--in violation of the U.S. Constitution, factions which just happen to be dominated by Trump's enemies. If Thomas Wictor wasn't cutting mega-threads on Twitter multiple times a day explaining what's going on in terms folks grok--yes, that Wictor--I doubt anyone other than the man himself could break through the MSM Wall of Silence.

Meanwhile, Canada's using this opportunity to further kneecap the productive West to safeguard the parasitic East and its outpost in Vancouver while Mexico's threatening dire retribution on Americans escaping south due to all the illegals fleeing back across the border (and taking Corona-chan with them), all with predictable results and reactions. The countries south of Mexico are as you'd expect (dysfunctional, in varying degrees) while Europe's path to shattering the EU accelerates and the Thralls in the UK demonstrate their contempt for the British nations by continuing to import hostile aliens to work for shit wages and conditions on the farms there (mirroring similar whining in the U.S. over cheap labor).

No, we're not coming out of this united in most of the world- and that includes the East. Sure, Winnie the Poohsident has locked down media yet again on the mainland, but word on what's going on does get out and go West; it's still a shitshow with Chinese characteristics. Same disregard for human dignity; different ruling dynasty. Many others over there will suffer similar issues, especially as many Eastern countries run off Face cultures like Japan does and so being seen to be responsible for fuckups is not an option.

Corona-chan's biggest benefit has been to burn away layers upon layers of bullshit built up since World War 2, especially since the Cold War ended, and revealed that this world we've live in is an illusion and therefore we've been delusional to think this is how things really are. At long last, the 20th Century--culturally--is over and soon we'll see what the 21st really will be.

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