Sunday, April 26, 2020

The Human Scale Is Not Just A Matter Of Architecture

Corona-chan has turned out to be quite the blessing. Its scourging has revealed that so much of what we were told is true turned out to be a bald-faced lie and fraud.

One of those things revealed to be a fraud is the conceptions of anarchy and authority. Both of them are wrong. The critique of anarchy is well-worn and shall not be repeated here, so I shall instead focus on the critique of authority.

The following is in the context of architecture, taken from a Twitter thread, but what is said is applicable to human institutions also.

Walkways can be anti-fragile by using pieces of ceramic and allowing for space between each one. As the earth expands and contracts, the ceramic pieces float with the earth.

Concrete slabs, on the other hand, crack.

I wonder if there's a principle that applies to systems in general at play here.

If the parts of a system must fit perfectly with one another for that system to function well, then the system is brittle, fragile. If the system allows for some play among the parts, it's flexible.

Institutions for human organization are the same way, which brings me back to the concept of authority.

The original, organic, and human-scaled form of authority is the father. This is an earthly reflection of God the Father's relationship to Mankind, His children.

The family is the human-scaled organic institution for human organization. The father--the patriarch--is the head of the family and thus of its material reflections: the household, the homestead, the militia. This organically scales up to clans, houses, tribes, and nations; so long as consanguinity is preserved and respected, questions of who is in authority are not confusing to resolve- especially once the Word of God is accounted for and cherished accordingly.

Authority becomes fake once it makes claims of legitimacy beyond this origin. There is no reason for the father of one nation to demand that a wholly separate and distinct nation accept him as their father. It doesn't work in the small scale of blended households after divorce and remarriage, so why should it at the larger? As it is in political affairs, so it is in economic and military affairs; it is no surprise that armies and corporations foster surrogate brotherhood bonds to compensate for the lack of natural ones, and thus use synthetic psuedo-family ties to excuse synthetic psuedo-authority accordingly.

The human family is not a tight-fit machine. It is not super-efficient. It is like the AK-47; it is meant to take plenty of hard use and abuse and still work as intended, and even now that is exactly what has occurred. Where human institutions respect this and wield power to protect it, those institutions gain accordingly and become like the fathers they emulate; where they attack it, they turn like witches into wretched hags and wither as their fragility makes them brittle.

The first state to wholly accept this truth and make it into policy across the board shall experience a flourishing that Empire and its Thralls cannot conceive of, not now and not ever. Empire is falling.

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