Sunday, May 3, 2020

The Fake American Identity Has Cracked

This is more for my fellow Americans, so up front I'm going to lay out some information for my foreign readers.

The United States is a Federal Republic. The core concept of Federalism is that the several States, not the Federal government, is to be the day-to-day focus of citizen attention and therefore of government policy. The several States, in turn, are intended to see the fractal nature of this structure and devolve things further to the counties, who in turn are meant to let local towns handle local matters. The resources, and powers, of the higher levels of structure are intended to be utilized only as required to facilitate lower-level functionality and protect the citizenry when officials or officialdom therein goes bad.

The American Civil War began upending this conception of American governance. Until this time, American identity is summarized by one saying "These United States", demonstrating that they were first of their state and then of the Republic. After Lincoln won the war (and got assassinated), that changed to "The United States", signalling the shift to seeing the Republic as the primary source of identity.

You act on what you believe.

If you want a people to embrace centralization, then you need to convince them to believe in it and putting their identity on a central institution is therefore required. It is no surprise that American centralization, across the board, accelerated greatly in the wake of that war despite all of the Westward expansion and spreading of population; the myth of the American West relies on that centralization power--expressed as the railroads and companies coming out and pacifying the frontier--to drive that myth.

Which leads me to Corona-chan. Fellow Americans, I'm talking to you.

If you want to successfully break a central power's hold, then you need to break that belief in a centralized identity, and to do that you need to act on that belief. This has, as a necessary requirement, the demonstration of that belief by clearly-observable action where everyone's attention can be seized and held. That means media attention, and Trump's handling of this pandemic is in accordance to how the American Republic is intended to operate.

That means using the power and resources of the Federal government to advise and assist the several States in their efforts to handle the location-specific situations therein, not to centrally command and control things from a war room in the White House. This also means that the governors of the several States, and under them the county commissioners and local mayors, are required to step up and take responsibility for their (in/mis)actions in carrying out the duties of their offices.

This has been a wise decision on the part of the God-Emperor, as he is forcing these officials and officialdoms out into the spotlight and they've revealed who they truly are in no uncertain terms. Despite social and mainstream media narrative controls, the support for locking the American nation and its citizenry is fading fast and we're already seeing outright defiance in places heretofore written off as hopeless.

And now the God-Emperor, through the Attourny-General, is giving these officials and officialdoms the warning required to rein in their abuses before Federal action comes down; Trump gave them all the rope, and some decided to hang themselves with it.

Are you getting mad about the fools using this pandemic to push through policies that harm your businesses? Good. What are you going to do about it? That's the other thing the God-Emperor has done with his decisions; he's forcing us to remember that we, as Americans and citizens, are required to participate in the affairs of state beyond voting every two or four years. I am pleased to see armed protests at state capitals. I am pleased to see mass civil disobedience in parks and at beaches. So far it's harsh words, some pushing and some shoving; I know there are lawsutis coming, and I would like it to stop at lawfare, but I suspect it won't and things will turn violent in some places.

But one thing is certain: when this is done, the centralized American identity will be cracked as it is now apparent that no, we're not all in this together- and we never have been so. This is a return to our proper form, when we were of our States first and the Republic second, and a step towards returning to the true and lawful form of governance.

Empire is falling.

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