Sunday, May 24, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Of Course It's An Inversion of a Godly Thing

Twitter's full of stupid and worse, but you get some gems if you curate your feed correctly and today I scored one.

Skull & Bones is exactly the sort of funnel front into the network Anonymous Conservative calls "Cabal" and I call "Empire" that gets talked about a lot. To join you have to submit yourself to ritual humiliation and voluntarily surrender blackmail material. Then you are required to adhere to a behavior code that includes the usual secrecy clauses as well as preferring your fellow Bonesmen over others for whatever organization you get into, which means that this is exactly the sort of nepotistic network of mediocre midwits you'd expect. The leaders are the genuinely brilliant bastards, who stay in the shadows, while the mediocre members take the more-or-less front-facing positions.

And being formed from and forged in perversion and predation, it should surprise no one that this continues to be the method of operation for both rewarding members as well as to recruit (compromise) more nodes into the network.

And it's all coming out, slowly, being dripped out so it can't be easily ignored. A lot of survivors, or their estates, will be owned apologies as will those who'd been blowing the whistle to no avail all these years. And you can bet it's tied into the surveillance network that the Flynn case is revealing in official documents.

Flynn lawyer Sydney Powell just revealed on Fox Business that Obama had a massive and widespread secret surveillance system called the Hammer. I’ve always said, surveillance rolls out as a package. If you get database pulls, you get tech deployment and monitoring. If you get tech deployment and monitoring, you get observation posts. If you get observation posts, you get physical coverage. If you get physical coverage, you get infiltration into your social circle. If she is right and the Hammer is getting revealed, it will be more than just a boring computer screen with meaningless databases amassed in one place. It will basically be a domestic CIA with operations divisions, tech divisions, logistics, direct action, data centers, slush funds, and all the parts of an intelligence outfit, times one hundred – and ultimately run by a foreign power, and present in almost every nation, cataloging everyone.

No, everyone involved is not a Bonesman. Everyone involved didn't go to Bohemian Grove. Everyone involved is compromised like Bonesmen and Grovesmen are, and how it works is often less about some dude threatening to release your nudes (as it were) and more about you deciding that letting someone have your nudes and do some favors for others in the network in return for whatever their network can provide that you want is worth it.

It's a perversion of the family dynamic, and it becomes an inversion. Instead of a father's loving governance of a family's resources, including its people, for the good of the entire family it's a predatory loan-shark sort of scam (like that of a central bank) whose beneficence is done at a usurous price and there is no loyalty by the boss to you and all the obligation to the boss from you. Those who take the deal benefit from the Network Effect in return for allowing those that run the network to have their way with anyone in the network on pain of death or worse, including allow them access to your children.

These people are sick. They are evil. They made their choice, and unless they repent they deserve the flames that await them. Empire is falling.

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