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The God-Emperor Reveals Many To Be Fools Or Traitors

Journalist Brian Cates cut a lengthy Twitter thread on the God-Emperor's strategy now coming to fruition. Reproduced here; emphasis and linking mine.

Almost every narrative you've been told for 3 years that begins with "Trump had no idea what he was facing when he was inaugurated, he didn't know they were spying him or his team, he was caught by surprise by all of this & he's been struggling to catch up ever since!" = WRONG.

He **acts** like he was surprised, yes. He puts out a cover story that he was SHOCKED to discover Obama was spying on him. "Wow I **just found out** that....!!!!" Yes he does.

He will put out a cover story. He's very good at it.

Here's what every single Conservative pundit needs to pay attention to when it comes to trying to read Trump and what he is or isn't doing. You **can't** go by the surface of things because TRUMP HIMSELF has demonstrated he will launch cover stories & make fake leaks.

Think I'm joking about that? I'm not. Trump himself boasted at his very first official press conference as President that he had just fed the media a fake leak. And then he rubbed their faces in it. He told them: "The leaks are real...THE NEWS IS FAKE." Did he not?

The more time passes by, the more obvious many of these fake leaks & cover stories become. But most people don't remember what the cover stories or fake leaks were from last month, let alone three years ago. I do. I research this stuff. Trump has launched MANY cover stories.

What's that hand I see there? Ask your question. "Are you claiming Trump will deliberately mislead the media, even Conservative reporters?" Absolutely that's what I'm saying. Trump does not owe these people the truth. Many of them would actively sabotage him if they could.

I wrote this for UnCover DC last year, and it's still timely. Media people got the vapors when @CLewandowski_ bluntly testified he didn't owe the news media the truth. And he was 100% right to say that.

From the column: "Understand this well: the DNC Media Complex will deliberately present disinformation given to it by its political masters to trick the public and place their political opponents at a disadvantage."

They use long-practiced Alinsky tactics with relish. It’s not about the truth – it’s about power. Trump knows the true nature of this, how the Democrats use the partisan media to lie about and attack their political enemies with lies, smears and disinformation.

AND TRUMP AND HIS PEOPLE GIVE IT RIGHT BACK TO THEM. So HELL YES. Trump and his team will deliberately give the news media cover stories and rabbits to chase to keep them out of their way so they can get stuff down & nobody can leak or sabotage it.

And the biggest cover story of all is that the incoming Trump team had no clue they were being spied on, Trump & Sessions & Pompeo & Flynn & Co. why they just pranced into their respective offices in January 2017 like innocent babes lost in the woods, no idea at all.

I'm OK with the cover story. It's useful. That's why Trump put it out there. The best way to disarm an enemy trap is to pretend your not aware of it while you carefully walk around it as you lay traps of your own for the people trying to trap you.

And they TRAPPED the leaker of the Flynn call three years ago. I'm going to belabor this point. They've known who it was for 3 years. Due to very serious & crucial national security reasons, they've had to keep that & the investigation of it classified until now.

This is what is going to blow people's minds when the indictment is unsealed. People are going to look at the DATES. The Fake News Media and the Conservative News Media are going to have their jaws hit the floor at the same time. They knew for THREE YEARS and it DIDN'T LEAK.

As I have said for 3 years now: The Silent Professionals are in charge of this. They don't leak classified information themselves as they investigate and prepare to prosecute leakers of classified information. You didn't like that? You have no idea how much I don't care.

My **very first** column for Epoch back in 2018: The Great Leak Hunt. And from September 2018, here's one of my best: The Silent Professionals.

From the column: "In stark contrast to the Mueller special counsel team and the strategic leakers at the FBI are the federal investigators and prosecutors that I like to refer to as the Silent Professionals."

Far from seeking constant attention and leaking to drive media narratives that can be weaponized against specific targets, these silent professionals just go about their jobs in the shadows. You don’t even know they are there, and that’s what makes them so lethal.

Washington has a leak culture. It is nothing short of astounding that someone of McCabe’s stature could be the subject of a federal prosecution using a grand jury for more than six months, and the investigation didn’t leak.

All those media people wailing “nothing’s happening” for the past year are wrong. Plenty is happening. It’s just that the people making things happen aren’t ready to tell you or their targets about what they’ve found and what they’ve really been doing just yet.

Remember, Durham was investigating classified leaks out of the FBI **long** before AG Barr tapped him publicly to lead the TEAM of US Attorney's looking into the origins of the RussiaGate Hoax. You didn't know Barr had sent Jensen into the DC USA's office until he announced it.

back to the column: "As I wrote in an earlier column, every single top person in the Trump administration came into office after the inauguration in January 2017 knowing what they faced in the SpyGate plot."

"Trump knew, Sessions knew, Rosenstein knew, and so did Mike Pompeo. The narrative that Trump and his team came into office clueless about the SpyGate plot is, quite simply, nonsense." [This is me in September of 2018.]

Trump & his team came up with a plan to counter SpyGate involving a lot of deception & stealth investigations. No matter what you think about that plan, or how you feel about it, whether you think the strategy is right or wrong, Trump had his reasons for doing things this way.

In the end, it comes down to whether you trust Trump or not, that he knows what he’s doing. A whole lot of people who call themselves Trump supporters don't trust him. Deep down, they think he's a blithering idiot. It's as simple as that.

So once again, I go on the record, showing you what I was saying in 2018. Trump had a plan he was implementing to simultaneously

  1. get control of the government
  2. root out saboteurs & spies & prepare to prosecute them
  3. implement his MAGA agenda

No idiot could've done it.

And then at the end of it all he has to get reelected. He's going to accomplish THAT also, even as the usual loud voices from the public gallery wail he's doing nothing about vote fraud and Democrats are going to steal the election while he uselessly stumbles around.

The economy hasn't even come roaring back yet following this massive black swan event of a worldwide pandemic. When it does, imagine what these current numbers climb to. All liberal hopes this CCP Virus & their relentlessly attacking Trump would destroy him are now dashed.

Trump did it HIS way. Rejoice, little flock. Because victory is assured. They can't stop a thing that's coming. I wouldn't want to be the Flynn leaker right now for all the money in the world.

And, as is his wont, he capped that thread with this image.

Nice Rhetorical killshot there.

Mike Cernovich, Michelle Malkin, VDare, Red Ice, Adam Townsend, Scott Adams, etc. are all fools if not traitors because they fall for this "Trump is a bumbler" fraud and thus they think that they (a) are smarter than the God-Emperor, (b) know more than the God-Emperor, (c) have better people around them than the God-Emperor, and (d) would make far better decisions than the God-Emperor. See the above bolded comment on surface-level thinkers; that's all of them. They run their mouths using only what Trump allows them to see, never doing what Wictor or Cates or the rest of that crew do and analyze deeds vs. words to any depth. Their reactions reveal to Trump that he is right to disdain them as anything other than summertime patriots and therefore to shut them out of serious matters until it is time to gin up the hordes for mass action- which is all that most media figures and outlets are actually good for anyway.

Yes, even the Supreme Dark Lord is prone to this error (though for his this is mostly with regard to China surpassing the US as the world power; that ain't happening, and Thomas Wictor opines with evidence at length as to why every day on Twitter). It's why I don't listen to him about everything, anymore than I listen to Wictor about firearms or Cates here about anything other than current politics.

What is clear here is that, contra what they say, they do act as part of the #QAnan operation; this is one way that info initially spread via the Chans in drops gets filtered into the mainstream and eventually pushed above the fold. Whether they are active agents or passive assets doesn't matter; they do the job, ergo they are part of the network. The tell? Everything Wictor, Cates, et. al. rant about on Twitter or YouTube are taken from Qdrops on 8kun's boards. They all disavow #QAnon in public, as they do all known conspiracies, but mouth what's said by Q in public; that's how you know they're assets, at the least.

This is what it takes to save Civilization. Empire is falling.

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