Sunday, June 14, 2020

Narrative Warfare: "Stop Hitting Yourself" Isn't Going To Work

Journalist Brian Cates (@drawandstrike on Twitter) said this the other day:

They've been PREPARING for this for over 3 years now. The huge blitz they'd unleash during the summer before the election. Careful positioning of all their resources since November of 2016.

Carefully preparing....for 3 1/2 years. In the news rooms. At the major networks. In the sports leagues. In all the big corporations. All the big chain restaurants. It's going to be ONE SMOTHERING MONOLITHIC VOICE telling you a 'vast cultural shift' is underway.

And it's **all** gaslighting. All of it. Very carefully prepared gaslighting. AS THEY DELIBERATELY MARGINALIZE & HIDE THE REAL AMERICA. (Ed: Quoting this Ace of Spades post below.)

We're supposed to drop to our knees with alacrity on command & enthusiastically apologize for our 'white privilege' & 'systemic racism' while masked thugs and goons literally beat the shit out of people on the street & loot & burn down stores & nobody stops them.

You know who needs to have their 'privilege' revoked? You know who needs to be forced to their knees and made to apologize for what they've been doing to this country & some of it's most vulnerable communities? BLM. Antifa.

GTFO here with your 'cultural transformation' psychobabble. I don't what to hear it.

ADDENDUM: Forgot the main point. I'm sleepy. The **purpose** of the endless gaslighting for the next 4 1/2 months is to try to BROWBEAT US ALL into 'proving' to these lunatics we don't suffer from the 'systemic racism' anymore & we've check our 'white privilege' by voting for this babbling dementia patient who's been a top DC establishment insider & corrupticrat for 50+ yrs because he's not a vile racist like that mean ol' Trump. Pay these pricks back for this in November. That is all.

He's right. You're watching Narrative Warfare being conducted in real time by Empire's Thralls. You're being told that this will continue unless Biden is elected, and it's your fault Because Reasons. As I said previously, this is being conducted from a position of weakness; this is all, in reality, a bluff and the thing to do is to Hold Frame and call it- exactly what the God-Emperor is doing. While the media shamelessly throws off their mask and openly propagandizes for the enemies of Civilization, the G-E acts quietly behind the scenes since he sees that even his enemies are distracted by their own gay op. Below is what this allows him to do.

I told you that the Feds were already on the ball, and now we have proof that this is indeed the case. As Brian has said, the G-E knows that decapitating Antifa's core cadre of operatives guts the ability of the organization to be effective terrorists. Since Antifa and Black Lives Matter overlap, this also leads to BLM also getting decapitated and thus defanged. What remains are very loud, very noisy, but ultimately containable protests easily handled by the local authorities if they bother to do so.

This is brilliant, because it continues to force the Thralls in those positions to act openly and not covertly thus revealing themselves to the local population while handing the G-E the favorable optics he knows only enhances his odds of winning.

But what's slowly dawning on people is that they've allowed this to go on, and that is distinctly uncomfortable. They ignored local and state politics, falling for the fraud that only Federal--even only the Presidency--matters when it does not, and this remedial civics lesson is making American citizens confront how their system of government actually works. They shirked their responsibility, and many will not want to accept this reality; if there is a danger here, it is in the freak-outs that this confrontation will provoke, as they want someone else to handle these things.

Count on most of these freak-outs coming from people who, traditionally, had no say in the affairs of state. My solution is to restore (and lock down) that tradition, but that is for another post, and for now the thing to do is to keep them from wrecking things for the common good. Empire is falling; we just need to let it go.

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