Sunday, June 7, 2020

The Mask Comes Off

It was never about "social justice". It was always about power.

Now that the rioting has been contained to the hardest of hard Left cities, we're seeing all of the masks come off. Thinking that they have the upper hand, the Thralls of Empire across Christendom shed their disguises one by one and reveal that they are the enemy of Civilization that I've said they were all along. Since they believe they can win by force, they are doubling-down on their symbolic attacks and humiliation rituals for all to see and in doing so reveal that they are in fact a Satanic death cult.

First, the revelation that indeed both "diversity" and "antiracist" are code for "Kill Whitey".

And it's spread throughout the West

Ritual humiliations are demanded.

But no forgiveness is rendered.

And instead they demand even more.

It's a Satanic inversion of Christianity across the board, all to destroy Christendom and Civilization by force since guile isn't working anymore.

And it's a very scary thing that's going on. Not idle talk from me, as I'm in a vulnerable position thanks to the City of Minneapolis revealing themselves to be Antifa in Offcialdom and using that position to sabotage law and order in Minnesota's largest city, and the state Attorney General is also. He's sabotaging the prosecution of the cop that touched this all off to give pretext to a later round of riots.

But I am not afraid.

In addition to not fearing death due to my belief in Christ, I have good reason to believe that the God-Emperor will repeat his established pattern for addressing these threats and is at present letting his enemy gas out swinging at him via us--his supporters--while preparing his counter-attack. He's already signaled what it will be. He's already shown he can do it--notice that the violence in Minneapolis stopped overnight and local officials only found evidence that the organizers were there at all--so all that's being done now is to wear them down prior to yet another telling blow.

Empire is falling. These riots and insurrections are the Thralls resorting to methods they ordinarily shun because it's too risky for them to use. Now we see why; the optics are going against them despite all the media control. It'll all be over soon, and those casualties we take will be mended. Tomorrow will be better, even if some of us don't live to see it.

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