Sunday, June 28, 2020

Empire's Fallback Line: Banking

Internet Shitlord Dick Masterson, host of The Dick Show and founder of Patreon alternative New Project 2, got shut down Mastercard.

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For some years now the issue with financial contribution to the enemies of Empire have been that the Thralls of Empire controlled companies like Patreon and Paypal. They would and have banned wrongthinkers, and once one of them did so a Preference Cascade would kick off and others would follow suit. This could destroy an ill-prepared target in short order.

New Project 2 was an attempt--and a far more substantial one than SubscribeStar--to give those so targeted a means to continue operating. At the time I remarked that "build your own" would eventually hit a hard wall of the banking system, since while neo-patronage exchanges could be put up easily what could not would be the means to process the payments. For that you need the massive titan that is the banking sector, and now we have proof that this is the case.

Empire controls banking, especially throughout the West. Without this power, you cannot sustain any resistance of consequence for long because you will not have the logistics required to do so. It's no different than having all of the fresh water in the hands of your enemy. There is path to victory for isolated lone wolves or small cells operating in an independent and uncoordinated manner here. You need a unified, disciplined army to beat a titan, and you need to sustain a grinding campaign filled with massive casualties to win.

Or you need to have a favorable man in power. Fortunately you have one.

The very media that lies to you on a daily basis also covers things up on a daily basis. One of them is what has happened to the banking system. The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States is no longer an independent entity. It has been seized by the Federal Government of the United States, placed under the Treasury (where it should have been all along, if permitted to exist at all), and therefore is now under the direct command and control of the President of the United States.

Why does this matter?

Remember that I said that banking is the fallback line for Empire? That's because the global central banking system is the global network from which Empire bases its power; globalism stems from the financial power. If you can take any node therein, you pose a threat of seizing the network entirely. Guess what Trump has done? How is he dealing with it? By deliberately crashing the entire system. This fake and gay global system is going down with no survivors. Once it crashes, the Federal Government will be ready to step in openly and restore the proper and historical American system of sovereign money and banking- a repeat of President Andrew Jackson killing the Second Central Bank.

Yes, that's why Trump has busts and paintings of Jackson all over the place, and savvy observers saw this coming.

You want to end the censorship? Then you have to break the banks and bring them to heel. Only state power can do this. That's why Empire uses the banks to control governments, openly using central banks to do just that. You want state power? Only well-disciplined mass movements can seize and hold state power. This too is something Empire knows very well; it's why their Thralls--from Soros to the street ops whipping BLM hordes forward--operate well-financed and organized political cults to achieve this end. Trump is the first man in generations to beat Empire at its own game; you're a fucking retard to not see this and therefore not stand with him- you have no other option, and both he and Empire knows it.

Masterson will get the last laugh when the banking power behind Mastercard is broken, and you'll know that when the impossibility of political reform or legal action disappears suddenly, at which time Dick can go all "Omae wa mo shinderu" to Mastercard in court and make it explode.

(Side note: For the meantime, I suggest (a) that Dick get up to speed with Vox Day's legal campaign against Patreon and (b) how Vox Day is about to drive Patreon into bankruptcy due to forcing the processor into being too stupid to live. The Supreme Dark Lord is proving to be very skilled at getting massive monsters to defeat themselves. More people need to learn from him when put into situations like Masterson's.)

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