Sunday, July 5, 2020

Turnabout Is Fair Play

You can see it now. This past week was one of open, blatant Narrative Warfare, and the God-Emperor's response at Mount Rushmore shows that he certainly gets that this is the case.

Watch that all turn around now that Kanye West has decided he wants to enter the ring.

With two opponents in the game, both of which understand Narrative and the Frame Game, we're going to see one of Empire's best scams being turned against it. It works like this:

  • Thralls infiltrate a targeted organization and attain shot-calling positions therein.
  • Thralls on the outside gin up an outrage mob and put pressure on the organization, amplified by organizations Empire controls (e.g. mainstream media).
  • Insiders point to their fellow travelers and use the mob to silence enemies and push through policies meant to bring the organization under Empire's control.
  • Outsiders savage purged enemy insiders and do their best to cripple or destroy their ability to recover.
  • Now in control, remaining resistance is purged and the organization turned to serve Empire.

Call them Social Justice Warriors, call it Corporate Cancer, you know exactly what I'm talking about because you've seen it done (however removed you were) before by now.

Now imagine Trump and Kanye doing the same thing to the Thralls in the Federal Government. Furthermore, Kanye doesn't need to win this time around; he can come back in 2024 and stand a far stronger chance of actually winning by then- maybe even with Trump's endorsement, depending on how the GOP is by then.

The faithful in other countries should take note and apply it to their own political cultures. It's neither fast nor easy, but it can be done- and make no mistake that it is being done here in the United States. All that's missing now is the cohort to come along and give the people at-large the words to express what they're experiencing.

And considering this chaos going on, a whole lot of people are finally seeing Empire for what it is. This is how it is when Empire takes a fall, folks. Get ready for the impact.

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