Sunday, July 19, 2020

Yes, Virginia, It Was A Trap

Now that we have open Federal action in Portland, the long-predicted reactions by both terrorist front-men and their fellow travelers in government and the media reveal that those predictions were correct. The prediction? That open Federal action against said terrorists rioting in the streets would be used against Trump in the media to paint him as a dictator.

Duane Cates made a Twitter thread about it, starting below.

Razorfist has a ready-made reaction for this.

Why are the Feds openly operating in Portland? Because Antifa directly attacked Federal property--the courthouse--with the intent to destroy it and what it contains. In so doing, Federal agents proved far superior to the Portland police in dealing with them. Several Antifa terrorists have been arrested, some at their homes, and charged with felonies; there is no bail, so they are all behind bars right now and given the terrorism designation the odds are good that they will stay behind bars until trial. They're all looking at no less than 5 years in a Federal prison, plus Felon status, for their actions; many are looking at 10 years or more.

Then there's the video going around of Feds snatching one guy up and taking him away in an unmarked vehicle. While perfectly legal given the circumstances--all 50 states are under Emergency Decrees, giving Trump access to Emergency Powers, and Trump (as POTUS) invoked the Stafford Act which allows the use of active duty military in law enforcement actions--this was actually Homeland Security (a civilian agency) in action. Furthermore, as journalist Duane Cates points out, this is actually an asset extraction; they went in to recover a spy getting out from his undercover position within Antifa.

Speaking of Antifa, this moment is coming soon for all of them.

The indictments are coming, and soon the end will come. Empire is falling, and the Thralls are terrified. Yes, it was a trap, and the God-Emperor turned it against them.

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