Sunday, July 12, 2020

No Despair Allowed

I have no more patience for blackpilling faggotry. Razorfist gets where I'm coming from, cut over a week ago.

This extends to a lot of alt-media, not just grifters like Coulter and Cernovich. Red Ice, the Killstream, Tim Pool, and many others make the exact same errors that those Razorfist excoriates do.

What errors?

  • They accept Commie Faggot narratives regarding Trump's capabilities (nil) and deny Trump's agency accordingly.
  • They accept Commie Faggot narratives regarding Trump's dependence upon Fake News acceptability and expect him to dance to the tune of the Fake News that hates him.
  • They accept Commie Faggot narratives regarding Trump's options on what to do and how to do it.

The expectations that Trump does not fulfill ARE SET BY HIS ENEMIES. They use their narrative control in the media to mass gaslight their enemies into believing what they want those enemies to believe, demoralizing those enemies and manipulating them into acting as they desire- even if it's doing nothing at all.

Trump, meanwhile, is demonstrating that he doesn't have to do anything of the sort. He's using those expectations against his enemies by seeming to do nothing--pretending to be weak--when he is actually strong and using that strength covertly to quietly de-fang the ginned-up rioters and their fellow travelers in local and state governments.

And you will hear nothing of it, because those operations are not leaked to the press (his enemies) and are not announced until concluded. Furthermore, most announcements are not publicized. You have to go to the Department of Justice website to find them, or follow their specific social media feeds.

And yes, Neon Revolt, Antifa did get the designation as a terrorist organization. As I explained on Gab, you cannot use the Joint Terrorism Task Force (and thus every single Federal LEO unit that FedGov has, not just the FBI) without a formal designation; this designation does not need to be made public. It need only be on the record for when it needs to be introduce into the record in court. Barr doesn't need to make a separate announcement; we can--and should--infer that simply by his statement that the JTTF has been activated to use against them.

Thomas Wictor, Brian Cates, and Duane Cates have been hard to the paint about explaining what's really going on out there on Twitter. I spread that word as best I can, but it's hard to get those invested in the fear porn (for whatever reason) to shut the fuck up about it with facts and logic because they're either profiting off the fear-mongering or they're emotionally invested in the feelings experienced and are just as impossible to reach as shitlibs.

This includes Trump's DACA move, which Ted Cruz points out is unconstitutional.

If you haven't figured it out by now, Trump is a magician and this is him setting up another magic trick. No matter how it turns out, he wins. How? Either his DACA move gets shot down by Congress or SCOTUS (which is the preferred result, as it neutralizes the recent SCOTUS ruling keeping Obama's similar stunt in place) or they confirm that POTUS is able to rule by decree and Trump goes hard to the paint with Imperial Presidency actions to fuck his enemies over and rodger them with a rusty railroad spike.

"But Muh-"

Shut up. This is about winning. First you make it work, then you make it pretty, neither of which can happen unless and until you win and win decisively- which Trump is on track to achieve in a manner that makes 1972's election look mild.

Empire is falling. Stop mistaking freak-out Hail Mary passes for actual threats. It's "Nuts" time, and we're good to win so don't lose your shit.

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