Sunday, August 30, 2020

This "War" Talk Is Not Serious

Most of the time I try, at worst, to be jovially edgy when I post here. Not today. Today this is a very angry rant and it won't be short. No offense offered to Mike here; he's just the guy who said the quiet part loud the other day.

This barely counts as a war, and only because one side's LARPing about it while the other side's been in fucking denial or complicity for decades on end. No one is serious about this.

"What? People are dead. Property's been destroyed."


If the Commie faggot LARPers were goddamn serious about waging war against their enemies, this country would not be able to function AT ALL. Every last thing that your 2nd Amendement sorts routinely point out on forums and chatrooms and the counters of gun stores across the United States are also known to Tankie leadership cadres. It is well known that the United States could be broken by disrupting just a handful of key Interstates, crippling a few key bridges, and taking down a score or so of power stations; due to Just In Time delivery systems for fucking everything all it would take would be to shut down the trucking industry--which the aforementioned would do--for just ONE FUCKING WEEK.

That's just for starters.

Remember my spicy post on the main blog from this past week? The one where I ranted about what guns are, how they actually work, and how people ought to be using them properly? If either side was actually serious about waging a fucking war for the United States it would make the civil warfare going on in Mexico look like fucking Amateur Night.

Imagine not being able to walk the streets or roll down the main drag in a contested area because a firefight between Antifa and Patriot militia could break out at any time. Partisan warfare gets that ugly, and it gets that ugly very fast, especially once one side starts taking out the local government agencies' personnel- and yes, that's a thing, and it will happen. Don't expect the Feds to be much help; they're still outnumbered, and they can't be everywhere at once, so you're now dealing with partisan/guerrilla/irregular warfare between two competing groups of irregulars and there's sweet fuck-all for Rule of Law going on.

And no, once any such "war" jumps off, you can kiss all those rules, regulations, laws, etc. goodbye. Those ARs will become select-fire as soon as they can get and drop in those full-auto sears. Those AKs will also. That BAR the C&R collector has? If he doesn't know how to restore proper (select-fire) functionality, he knows someone that does, and there's going to be someone ready and able to not only reload the ammo but also the belts.

In short, that peacetime law-abiding militia with codex-compliant loadouts can and will transition to a World Is A Fuck pragmatist bushwackers also Rambo if it survives the first month or so. If you want proof, go look south to Mexico as well as other Central and South American examples of war breaking out. In Europe, I remind you of the 90s wars in Eastern Europe as the Warsaw Pact broke up. (That's what This War Of Mine is about.) All the drones and other high-tech wonderweapons ain't going to mean shit once the grid loses its integrity, so that's a non-issue after the first month or so.

(No, Wictor, your strategic commandos won't be cleaning this up. They're going to take a side and struggle with overcoming the goat-fucking of their logistics train before they can actually do shit. I should not need to tell you this.)

And when it's over? "I just want to grill" will be the mantra of men with thousand-yard stares, and that's from the side that wins.

The losers will be exterminated down to the last man, woman, and child.

That is what a war in this country means now. No one is pushing for it, for now, but once either side hits a critical mass of amygdala stimulation it'll be no different than an avalanche touching off: it will be too late to stop it.

That's why it's all been Frame Game faggotry up to this point. It's LARPers doing dominance displays to flex on their enemies because they don't have the balls or the means to properly eliminate their enemies, and that's all about the optics. Once this touches off, optics cease to matter. It's Total War, war to the knife, knife to the hilt, 24/7 until you win or you're dead.

"But the cops will-"


"But the media will-"


"But the government will-"


It's the African genocides, the Balkan wars, and more of the 1990s--the fucking 1990s--all over again. Ain't no one that's see that shit, or anything like it, ready to handle that shit. NO ONE is.

Yeah, I've seen some shit. Didn't even have to leave the fucking schoolyard for it either.

And if you aren't terrified of that prospect, you aren't tall enough for this ride.

So fuck off with this "war" talk. None of you motherfuckers are the least bit serious. We'd have mass death events making Waco and 9/11 look pussy weak on the regular if we were.

You know how I know?

Real fuckers just do it. No displays. No theater. No bullshit. They just get shit done.

If Antifa were serious about killing Rand Paul, they would have swarmed in from the sides as soon as he and his escort cleared the gates. They would have had two elements. One comes in to cut off retreat back behind the gates. The rest move in, seize the escorts first and tear them away, then mob Rand and kill him on the spot. No slogans. No cries. No puffing themselves up or trying to incite him or his escorts. They just attack and eliminate. Once the kills are confirmed, they take their photos/video, and they leave.

Same with all the fuckers running around the residences. They aren't serious. They're flexing for the Frame Game. If they were serious, they would just roll up quietly and start firebombing their target. An element would go around to cut off flight from the backdoor. Then this happens.

And that's the sloppy way. The hardcore way is to surround the house, breach it with explosives or ramming a car through a wall, then rush in and BRRT everyone inside. Over and done within a minute. Take photos or video and go.

Seen those Knockout Game videos? That's as close to serious as you get right now. If they were serious, those would happen scores of time a day and they would run up to gun or knife targets dead before scattering.

See what I'm getting at? That's why I find the Commies to be LARPing faggots, and what went down at Kenosha shows it- especially by the reactions from the Commies. Once they can't rely on the Frame Game to win, they're going to have to go hard or go home.

War is not a Frame Game. If they want to learn the hard way, it won't be just them that suffers for it.

I pray that this doesn't happen, but it can and damned be the fools that made it so.

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