Sunday, August 2, 2020

The Epstein Case: It's Always Been A Satanic Cult

Brian Niemeier is right, and here's the validation.

And it is also my validation of using religious language to describe Empire and its Thralls. It is a religion--the anti-religion--and the Thralls are the cult's high priests who forge dogma and implement policies based on it, thereby defining and enacting the praxis of the cult's dogma.

And it's falling.

This week the Ghislane Maxwell papers came out. This verified all of the previous Jeffery Epstein claims, and it specifically and emphatically cleared one man said to be part of the network: Donald Trump. This is because the released documents were improperly redacted, making it trivially easy to remove the black bars and reveal the whole document once it was officially released. The girls' interviewers specifically asked if Trump partook, and multiple times those girls specifically denied that allegation.

Yeah, Cernovich. So what? He's good on this matter.

And, like clockwork, the Thralls in American media have gone on the attack to smear it all as "Muh Conspiracy Theory".

It's all coming out. The God-Emperor will prevail where Alex Jones and so many others did not. But, because normies are notoriously hard to wake up, this has to be done in a slow drip. First is this. Then comes the child trafficking--prepubescent children and not adolescent minors--and its ties to this Epstein-focused network. Then will come all of the medical ties to this network involving child defilement, which we're already seeing with the Planned Parenthood revelations on harvesting aborted babies for medical components. It will all build up to confirming Pizzagate as real, and that in turn will expose the religious element driving all of this.

If you think the Establishment is insane now, you have seen nothing yet.

And yes, the Narrative Warfare is getting very obvious now. You'd be freaking out too if you had a weak amygdala and a crushing existential threat crashing down on you.

N.B.: Thanks to SGT Report for staying on this beat all this time, as well as those he often interviews as part of walking this beat.

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