Sunday, September 13, 2020

Neon Revolt's #FreedomLetters Proposal

Neon Revolt began a podcast a while back. Episode 4 dropped this past week. You want to listen; this is about the upcoming U.S. Election.

At 41:45 Neon Revolt begins his explanation for a practical, actionable proposal to intervene on the God-Emperor's side: Freedom Letters.

It's this simple: On the day after Election Day, and for the next 30 days thereafter, put 3-5 letters into the mail. Postcards, SASEs, whatever- just has to be something you can put into an envelope and mail with a standard mail stamp. What you mail is irrelevant. Whom you mail it to is irrelevant. What matters is that you put those letters into the system every day for that duration, and that a critical mass of residents do so.

With that sudden explosion of mail volume, the mail-in ballots are going to be delayed good and hard well. It will buy Trump the time required to ensure that his win--and he will win--isn't stolen. Yes, even if Thralls of Empire in the Post Office sort and stack the ballots and so on; they still have to put them on the same trucks, planes, and so on that everything else does so volume matters because it sucks up time.

Overseas people can play along as well, though you are paying International postage rates. Just go get your stamps, envelopes, addresses, sorted now if you want to play.

Send any objections to Neon Revolt, not to me. It's his idea.

Spread the word about this. Get as many people hyped to play as you can.

Empire Is Falling.


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