Sunday, September 6, 2020

The God-Emperor Was Not Doing Nothing This Term

Taken from a Gab group I'm a member of. Reposted (and cleaned up) here.

A conservative friend was asking me what is taking so long to "get rid" of the Deep State in the USA. He says, "Trump has been in office for four years, yet none of the big criminals we know of have been taken down. Is he compromised?" Of course I said "No", but I also had to outline the bigger picture for him, but its good for the normies too.

  1. Before any of these big name prosecutions could begin, Trump (as President of the United States) had to reform the justice system and get rid of as many activist judges (many of them being Obama appointees) as possible. This also includes the Supreme Court of the United States. Over 200 federal judges have now been replaced with patriotic constitutional people who will uphold the law. This number blows away any other previous president's effort.
  2. POTUS had to create and sign multiple Executive Orders which would put teeth in any prosecution of DeS operatives; especially those who are controlled by foreign enemies. From asset confiscation, to national emergency declarations, to enhancing Military Tribunals, these are all needed to get the job done.
  3. Multiple detention centers had to be expanded and/or updated (i.e. Guantanamo Bay, FEMA centers, etc) to handle the expected influx of treasonous criminals coming into the Federal or Military court systems.
  4. POTUS had to expand, rebuild, and reorganize the United States military to be able to deal with the constant threats of war and social unrest. This also includes efforts to combat human--especially child--trafficking, and removing compromised leadership.
  5. POTUS had to win his effort to build the Wall at all costs. He was forced to transfer funds from one department to another in order to get it done. Over 300 miles of new wall have been erected in 2 years, with ZERO support from Democrats.
  6. POTUS/MIL has started a systematic approach to disarming the Democratic National Committee/DS thugs. The first big thing was the dismantling of MS-13 organized units trained to assassinate targets (i.e. Seth Rich, etc.). Second was to infiltrate Antifa and map out the command and control structure before the Shit Hits The Fan.
  7. POTUS had to install Justice Patriots at the highest levels of government (i.e. United States Attorney General, several US Attorneys, Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Communications Commission, etc.). This ensures that when the hammer drops, there is no way out for these criminals. He had to game the system with 'acting' Attorneys General or other department heads to further clean house while the real successor was vetted and confirmed.
  8. Because this cancer is a world-wide problem, POTUS had to travel around the world cutting the CIA's strings in many foreign governments. North Korea was one of them. Saudi Arabia was another. I am sure this is still ongoing, but a majority of the major countries have signed on to the fight.
  9. Lastly, POTUS/MIL has to 'red-pill' as many citizens as possible without causing massive civil unrest. If any of you think what is going on in various Dem cities in the US is a major problem, it would pale against what would happen if citizens were never shown what the true intent of the DNC/Communists is.

So, yes, there is a lot happening which is paving the way for a new world.

Remember those points. Spread them around.

Oh, and just this past week he deputized the Oregon State Police to assist the US Marshalls in Portland, and I think a similar arrangement will be in the works for other local agencies assisting the Feds in the weeks to come. He also banned Critical Race Theory from the Federal government, provoking predictable reactions from the heretics serving Empire. Also expect more things like this to come. The recent rescues of child trafficking victims is one such operation. There will be more, and there have been others you didn't pay much attention to due to his enemies' control over most of the mass media.

Just because it wasn't on the news doesn't mean nothing got done. Learn Trump's methodology: keep everything under wraps until it's too late to stop it, then reveal when ready for maximum impact.

And yes, that includes many in dissident media. Empire is falling.

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