Sunday, March 14, 2021

Bug Hunters: Boogeymen Haunting Bugmen

Empire's primary legion of Thralls in this incarnation of its system of control are commonly known as "bugmen". This is a deracinated, cosmopolitan cohort of urbanite technocrats from across the globe and are thouroughly in the grips of the human locust insanity that is r-select psychology. In short, this guy as a demographic cohort.

Their female counterparts are masculinized feminists of all sorts. Male and female alike, they adhere to nominally Leftist politics and are devotees of the Death Cult that use Social Justice as their primary means of employing friend-enemy distinction for political and cultural domination and control.

The militant arm is Antifa. Most of their members are the losers of this cohort, those unwilling or unable to be the minimally-competent technocrats that their cohort demands to access any material security, but their leadership core--the professional organizers and rioters that roam from city to city--are not the losers. They're competent at their job, which is logistics and optics, but they can't be everywhere at once and they are not true Intelligence operators- at best, they're disposable assets that may be assimilated into the network if they prove more valuable than the rest.

Enter the Bug Hunters.

The problem that opposition to the bugmen have is that they are invested. They have normie-facing employment that bugmen can readily attack. They have dependents that bugmen can readily attack. Bugmen have attacked both, denied doing so when caught, and then smugly said the targets deserve it anyway Because Teh Ebil.

Not all opposition, however, is that vulnerable.

Among the opposition are a cohort that are like their enemies--disinvested, protected, autonomous--and therefore can move among them without being detected. As the reality of the situation becomes clearer, more of these people recognize their position and decided to exploit it. They disappear, so to speak, scrubbing whatever needs it before returning--so to speak--as if nothing happened.

The reality is that these people turned their real lives into cover identities because they are now devoted to hunting bugmen. You won't find them at rallies for Nick Fuentes, or even Donald Trump. You won't find donations from them to any political or charitable cause that bugmen would not approve of. They won't espouse counter-Narratives in public. They are entirely Grey Men, especially the women.

The bug hunter now operates as if they are under surveilance at all times, even in the privacy--such as it is--of their domicile. Therefore they are as grey online as they are in realspace, so you won't find them maintaining blogs like this one--or even reading them from home or work--and they won't be seen doing things that flip radars like buying AR-15 parts under their real name or joining gun clubs. (So you can count me out as being such a thing; too public by far.)

They will work jobs that allow access to their targets in the homes thereof: plumbers, electricians, carpenters, home-care nurses, nannies/au pairs, home-instal techs for ISPs or big brand electronics companies, property inspectors, etc. so they can learn names, faces, routines, etc.

The intelligence gathered is rarely acted upon by the best of them. Rather, using old-school and basic tradecraft procedures, they will compile the information and dead-drop it in a realspace location where they know that others will retrieve it. Online information access outside of cover will be done well off-site, with care taken to conceal travel to and from the realspace location of access.

The goal is to force errors. Drawing up full profiles of targets' activities, behaviors, etc. means knowing their patterns and thus having the inside track on dealing with them; this makes it easy to get inside their OODA Loop. The bug hunter gathering intelligence and the one acting on it are not likely to be the same; this provides deniability to both actors, enhancing the ability to force errors.

The intelligence can then be used to engage in targetted manipulation. Exploit known animosities to compel a conflict where one need not be, especially when a conflict would open up second and third-order vulnerabilities to exploit further. Release financial information that would be detrimental to a target's affairs, especially when it involves money not going where the target says it is and the deceived would not approve of where it went. You get the idea.

The reason this approach works is that it involves exploiting the known habit of bugmen eating each other when no outgroups are around to prey upon with proxy violence. The reason you don't hear about this much--and why I can neither confirm nor deny that these people exist--is because, by its nature as covert and clandestine action, success means that no one ever knows this is how it happened. At least, not until generations after the fact, by which "too late" is an understatement.

Yes, this is a real concern that smarter bugmen have; this is why the smarter bugmen don't do things like use Alexa or Google Voice, keep their smart devices tucked away when not needed, and otherwise likewise try to observe some basic operational security protocols. They are aware of the threat, so they safeguard against it; it's the dumber ones that those smarter bugmen have to work with that will be the downfall of the entire cohort- the ones that do shit that people like Project Veritas capture on video.

And this is done by people with no intelligence training or backing. Imagine what they could do if they had.

Empire falls.

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