Sunday, March 7, 2021

Narrative Warfare: The Economics You Know Is Fake

This Tweet prompted today's rant.

To which I say the following: SO FUCKING WHAT?!

Let me make this crystal clear for the folks in the back: THE ENTIRE SYSTEM IS FAKE AND GAY!

That's right, it literally does not matter what any government decides to do with their currency. It's all made up, so it doesn't matter; all that matters if what you can do with your fake-and-gay funny money.

There is no "money supply", not since they moved all accounting of it from in-hand to of-account. The books have been cooked ever since, making up numbers without regard to how much--if any--currency is actually in circulation. They have been picking winners and losers ever since, regardless of Muh Market, just as surely as you running a command economy is what actually happens when playing a Real Time Strategy game; the real world economy is nothing more than IRL Starcraft 2.

They don't have to obey Muh Economics anymore than they obey Muh Criminal Statutes; they can--and do--lie about how much is in curculation, nevermind how much everything costs, so it really is the case that this economy can go on forever so long as the technical infrastrucutre that enables it does so. Since how it actually works is not what they say, or what they taught you, they can easily keep this bullshit going indefinitely.

All they have to do is fix the system to produce the results they desire, and that is exactly what they do and have been doing for so long no one remembers what a non-fixed economy is anymore because it's well out of living memory for most people. This is a global issue; the Russians and Chinese and Japanese and Koreans and South Africans and every other motherfucker on the planet.

To fix the system all they need to do is to addd zeroes here, subtract there, and fuck with literal variables in the equations--adjust cogs in the machine--and now they get the outputs they want from the system, the machine, because that's what an economy is- a machine, a tool, a thing to be used to get what cannot be done by one's hands alone.

This is why Money Printer Go BRRRR is a real thing. There is no inflation because the priests of the money cult say there is none; they will say there is when they want it, and they want it only when it either protects against threats to their power or when it increases their power, and never any other time, after which it is magically go away again.

You want freedom? Destroy this satanic cult. Empire falls.

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