Sunday, March 28, 2021

Gun Control Is Now Impossible

Do not fear gun control.

The means to control firearms production and distribution is now obsolete and impossible. The means to produce firearms in the home with easy and convience--two things heretofore making control a threat--are now here and are increasingly cheap as well as end-user friendly.

One of these machines, focusing on maintaining price while increasing value, is Defense Distributed Ghost Gunner home CNC machine. For the price of a high-end rifle, you can get one of these and begin manufacturing the frames and receivers to build your own up from parts out of the box. But, impressive as that is, it's not the reason for today's post.

No, it is the breakthrough in the development of home-accessible polymers to use in 3D printers like this sub-$300 machine you can get at Amazon with some of those Biden bucks (and a few dirt-cheap addons) that makes it possible to print all-new frames in polymer as strong as what the boys at Glock, CZ, H&K, etc. use for their polymer frames that make the difference. You can also make the magazines required to keep those pistols and rifles fed with these machines also.

3D Printed Browning Hi-Power Mag Dump Thursday from r/guns

Yes, this also means we have the capacity to ressurect discontinued firearms from the trasheap. That video uses a 3D printed frame to host a parts kit from a junked Browning Hi-Power. As the combinations of home CNC and 3D printing advance, we'll be able to take old shotguns and restore them with ease. Triggers and other small parts? Easily copied as it is with small tools and a competently-equipped home shop. MidwayUSA's playlists exhibit this in spades with their various gunsmithing projects. Yes, this now including rifling barrels at home.

Don't think that ammunition will be left behind. Reloading is already a thing; all that's needed is a means to safely and easily manufacture smokeless powder to fit a load and to make primers to fit a shell casing, as we already have the means to cast bullets and pellets (for shotguns) as well as new shells/casings.

As for the information, it's already being archived and rehosted off YouTube. Some are in accessible sites like Full30. Others are dark--not searchable by the Goog--and prefer to stay that way as part of their OpSec procedures. Remember, this is a technology so old that we were making SMGs in backyard workshops during World War II--see the Grease Gun--so we could teach partisans how to do it.

So what if they ban shit? Unless and until they are willing and able to break down every last door and seize all manufacturing equipment, they can't stop people from making their own firearms and ammunition. All this does is inspire contempt and hatred for the institutions foolish enough to implement them, and the fools enforcing such a ban deserve what they get for being retards thinking "I just followed orders" won't save them from judgement.

Empire falls.

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