Sunday, April 18, 2021

Narrative Warfare: They Aren't Telling You The Real Odds

Milo Ynannouplous witnessed an adverse reaction to the not-a-vaccine:

My roommate just called me. He was at Kroger buying food. Said they had a place set up where people were offering the vaccine. My roommate watched a man get the jab and sit down, 3 minutes later the man says he can't breathe and falls over. They gave him CPR until the paramedics arrived but the man was already dead. He's fucking dead! Less than an hour ago, he was probably buying cookies for his children.

His wife was with him. She watched him die, as she screamed for someone to help.

So far neither my sister nor my mother have been so effected, but one of my sister's friends got both shots and still caught the WuFlu. Nevermind the effects, it doesn't work!

It's supposed to prevent catching the bug. It is not a vaccine if it doesn't confer immunity, and it is not permanent. One-and-done. Everything else is bullshit, and you should all know by now how corrupt the medical field is with willfully turning conditions into cash cows to milk instead of problems to exterminate. Fake vaccines for a flu is exactly the sort of scam these bastards would pull.

This American Thinker article relates an eyewitness account of adverse reactions to the Moderna version in particular.

Tuesday morning between 8-10am I went to Spring Texas. I dropped someone off to get a shot and got stuck in the line. I couldn't leave because of where I was so ended up going through the process with him.

Right at the end they make you wait for 15 minutes before driving off. 5 minutes later, two cars down my left driver started shaking. We didn't know what happened but I heard them yell and you can hear it to in the video "he's having a seizure"

The guy in the red car is like myself just confused at what's happening. Little did he know 2 minutes later boom he goes down even harder. Now my friend is panicking.

With Pfizer, Astra Zenica, and Johnson & Johnson all getting shitcanned by various government agencies around the world that leaves Moderna--the mRNA treatment that fucks with your genes--as the dominant option in the WuFlu Con Job. Feels like some wheel-dealing behind the scenes finally settled down and rivals are getting put into their place by the big dogs.

To which I shall quote the Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day:

The lesson: don't permit people to inject things in your body that are provided by lunatics who want to depopulate the Earth. The damning thing is the way the administration system is set up with an enforced 15-minute post-injection waiting period and CPR-trained medics on hand. This proves those administering the mutatives know there is a not-insignificant chance of very serious adverse effects that don't involve developing superpowers.

The shot is more dangerous than the gun. Refuse. Resist. Already demand is dropping thanks to Florida and other places saying "Fuck it, it's the flu and we can deal with the flu" and wildly succeeding. Soon more will follow, refusing the shot, the masks, the distancing, and so on and just outright seizing back normalcy instead of waiting for Big Daddy Government to do it for them.

It's a flu. Cases happen. People get sick. It's not the Plague. It's not the T-Virus. You stand no chance of dying if you're not already overloaded with morbidities or you were on the planning committee for dirt. Stop freaking out about the fucking flu, get on with life, and don't let self-important faggots get in your way. Empire falls.

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