Sunday, April 11, 2021

Narrative Warfare: We Knew, But Not How Bad, Until Now

The God-Emperor was right. 2020 was fixed. Now there is proof, and it's the worst scenario: they chose winners before the fact and rigged the machines to get it. The following is from Anonymous Conversative's blog from yesterday.

Michigan election forensics report for nine counties is in, and it shows just in those nine counties, there were 66,194 ballots which lacked registrations.

Also, there were more registered voters than they have population, and he estimates 15% of all voters at least will either not exist or will be fraudulent registrations for a false address. And again everything was pre-calculated by computer predictably according to a sixth degree polynomial, as they are finding in multiple other states. The county graphs on the youtube video, which are all like Mike Lindell’s, are damning, because they show the algorithm with the Census result is like a cookie cutter with a dent in it, and each graph it produced for registered voters, and votes cast, has that same dent in it. This means in the 2020 election all the results, likely across every state, were completely fraudulent and computer generated, and the only question is, how many elections has this been the case for, going back? We all went out and voted, and they proceeded to tell us the candidates they chose for us had won. Even in my paranoia, I never thought it was that decisive a mechanism, wholly unaffected by actual voting results. I told you, if I was a child molester, there is a fair chance I could have been a Governor or a Senator. That blackmailability was the qualification for office. And this is why Soros spent so much money targeting Secretaries of State for so long.

Also, they found modem chips installed in voting machine motherboards, with SIM cards. I assume the SIM means it was running off 4G and would not be on the local network at the voting center. The Youtube at the top of the previous link paragraph says there is evidence Antrim County purchased modems in the form of a purchase order from Dominion. There is a court hearing on it Monday on this and Antrim county’s attempt to stop any investigation. A twitter feed showing details of the fraud evidence is here.

From Patrick Brynes’ Telegram: “The SoS of Michigan has told people that ASOG (the firm who did the Antrim audit) actually planted a backdoor in the machines (as a way of prophylactically spinning the truth that will be revealed, by saying they planted it). I think that is grounds for ASOG to sue, don’t you?” So the Secretary of State knew there was a backdoor into the voting machines, and now that it has been revealed, they are trying to claim it was totally proper, because their firm did it.

You know they were scared when they go to these lengths to rig things.

That's why we got all the crazy anomolies; the results exceeded their expectations, and thus were beyond their rigging configurations, so they had to yank it all offline until they could get it back under control.

And they know it's fragile. That's why they turned DC into an armed camp, and they're going HAM on fucking Americans over now while they can. Yes, including ginning up wars to kill off those they cannot purge from the military while wasting material as a means of covering up renewed money flows into the arms industry- paying off the NeoCons in the process.

They also have a question that are confident will not be answered against them: "So you exposed it. What are you going to do about it?"

They are confident because, at this moment, they feel like they have won and they can keep their enemies--us--at bay long enough to secure their position. This is Empire in its Threat Display Mode, where it puffs itself up to be more threatening than it is. The reality is that its power is already being challenged and its moves countered. Once enough see that they can ignore it, a Preference Cascade kicks off and everyone will.

All the pomp and circumstance means nothing if the masses ignore it and there is no effective means to compel compliance. Empire falls.

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