Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Meme That Makes The Medicine Go Down

This is funny, but it points to a larger problem.

The problem is two-fold: the pay for menial jobs is abysmal and the conditions are tolerable at best, and there is increasing political support for just paying people to stay home--call it welfare, UBI, or whatever--instead of having them get out and go work for either themselves or an employer.

This is compounded by the facts that foreign invasion via immigration--legal and otherwise--vastly inflated the labor supply at all levels, depressing compensation (wages, salaries, benefits), while Uniparty Death Cultists increasingly use that flush to not only keep the native plebs in line but also to keep their own foreign mercenaries in line via internecine competition for favor with the Cult's political fronts.

The result is that both native and foreign plebs are doing what is not unexpected by senior management--by the Uniparty fronts--and staying home if they find that the payoffs are better than working a shit job.

No form of Modernist governance can defeat this manipulation, so the only way out is what is already emergently happening: people are (re)forming identity groups--families,clans, tribes, nations--and the more successful ones root that identity in something transcendant, usually religious or cultish in nature, because when you remove that from a people they turn into nihilist self-destroying degenerates full of insanity and depravity that would make Cthulhu blush.

This is the root of sayings such as "Come out of Babylon", as it encapsulates that wisdom in a single phrase: you can't fix it within the system, and you can't change it from without, so the only option left is to leave it, shun it, and keep from it until it collapses and dies from its own folly. Then, after burning the corpse to ash and salting the remains, you can safely build anew.

We tend to forget the salting part, which is why it keeps coming back. Remember this time. Empire falls.

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