Sunday, May 30, 2021

Narrative Warfare: A Micro-Level Demonstration of The Process In Action

The other day, The Pundit put out this follow-up on Wizards of the Coast's Woke defiling of Ravenloft. Don't worry, this post isn't about the game. This is about what the move signifies

And yes, "defiling" is the right word here, though I hold no particular attachment--certainly not an idolatrous one--for the setting I know my scene well and therefore I know that this is what the Death Cultists running Dungeons & Dragons are doing.

The dogma of the Death Cult requires running down and destroying the culture that is seeks to conquer. This is no different for hobby subcultures; by looking at the micro, we can identify the pattern at work and apply it to the macro level of operation because culture is fractal in its nature.

What is going on here? By seizing control of D&D, and steadily changing what D&D is and how it works, they are normalizing their dogma and othering the former culture in exactly the same way that the ancient world would go about this process with regard to religious practices: the mythology of the conquered is changed to denigrate it as weak and low-status as a flex while portraying the mythology of the conquerer as superior and high-status

Changing the rules of the game, and using social media to denigrate objections and objectors as low-status losers in the minority, is the exactly same flex.

Maintained over a long-enough period of time to churn out those that remember, and therefore practice, the old ways you can achieve that very normalization of the changes. This is not controversial; corporations do this as ordinary practice, such that it is itself accepted as normal that when a new CEO--especially in entertainment--takes over everything the outgoing CEO did gets trashed and replaced by the pet projects of the new guy.

This, by the way, is why the Death Cult seized control of Academia and the media: they don't need their own children when they can steal yours and turn them against you.

Therefore what you should take away from this is that this is not about anything other than humiliation and demonstration of power, whether real or not in the moment, because if you do not annihiliate it upon first detection then it will become real sooner than later.

Do not think that this specific example is irrelevant; D&D already exercised outsized influence by changing what "Fantasy" is between 1980 and 2000 via having a generation of videogame designers and authors take the D&D mold and adapt it to other--far more popular--media, which began feeding back into D&D between 2000 and the present, such that many of the things people think is normal actually is completely and utterly WRONG.

No, the Pundit saying "They taught you wrong on purpose" isn't hyperbole.

Now scale that up. What are they lying to you--to your children--about in the schools? On TV? In feature films? On streaming services? Videogames? Why are you paying them to shit on you and yours?

Narrative Warfare is real, it's been going on a long time, and much of what you were taught about the present and the past is a bald-faced lie.

And that includes what they say about religion and God.

Fix that, for these are flesh-and-blood people with names and addresses, and Empire falls.

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