Sunday, May 23, 2021

Narrative Warfare: Paper Dragons Make For False Hegemons

This is one of the many reasons I do not fear the possibility of the ChiComs taking over.

The issue with Chinese construction is symbolic of Chinese practices across the board: control is made via exclusivity driven by intelligence-powered corruption operations, and not by any actual merit in the practice in question.

This is not a new issue. ADV China, and the individual channels of its members, document it and other manifestations for years before they got out. Check the dates; they've been documenting it for years, and it's been going on for generations before they film these videos.

ADV China, as with China Uncensored, can be relied upon to show you how it is with the ChiComs.

You can count on similar corruption-driven shoddy work to be the case in other areas of the economy, and their acumen with narrative craft shows in their popular entertaiment. Instead of the gangster-dominated scene of old Hong Kong, you have the government-as-gangster-dominated scene of Beijing, and so long as a critical mass of Chinese are able to live like the Westerners they envy they don't care. They are some of the most Normie of Normie in psychology around, and Aeoli Pera describes that psychology best:

If you thought the truth would wake people up, then I’ve got news for you: they did. Everybody knows Epstein’s suicide, masks, elections, stonks, and white supremacist terrorism are fake. Everybody. That’s all normie-tier shit now. They’re plenty awake and they still aren’t gonna do shit because they think it’s not their job. They’re coping and waiting for dad to rescue them. People don’t need to wake up, they need to GROW UP. (Emphasis mine)

Summed up succinctly as "Can't be helped", a shrug-it-off-and-work-around-it coping attitude to things falling apart due to incompetent creation and neglect of maintenance--a child's attitude--when things fall apart. You'll see it in the linked videos above.

In short, this doesn't make for a real hegemony because you rarely have a proper Patriarch in control of such a regime due to those given over to corruption disallowing any threat to their gravy train getting cut off--the Chinese pattern is court enuchs getting too big for their britches, but it plays out in other ways--and such a weak sovereign makes for an easy target for stronger competitors to rip them apart. That's the 19th Century experience of China, and the ruling dynasty--and yes, the CCP is the ruling dynasty; change the trappings, keep the substance--remembers it like yesterday, which is why it does its womanly worming into weak Westerner ears to extend its control overseas.

Because there is no substance there, any serious resistance can crush it. Sure, the US isn't quite so capable, but Russia is and Beijing knows it. Either way, the Dragon is made of paper and unlike Vox Day I hold no concerns of this being a Chinese century. If it's not a second American century, then it will be Russian or it won't be anything at all. In any event, no matter what, Empire falls.

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