Sunday, June 20, 2021

Narrative Warfare: On The Memory-Holing of Stewardship

Over at the blog of the Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, he put up another post criticizing the Baby Boomers and their generational guilt in destroying the West. On this Father's Day, this post is most apt because it shows what the Boomers failed to do: properly execute their duty of stewardship, which turned out to be easier for them than their fathers. Quoting the aforementioned:

  • Stay married. 48.9 percent of Boomers who ever married had been through at least one divorce by 2014. That number is almost certainly over 50 percent by now.
  • Bear children rather than murdering them. As many as 30.4 percent of Boomer pregnancies ended in abortion. Now that Boomers can't get pregnant anymore, the abortion rate is lower than it was when it was first legalized in 1973.
  • Pass your houses and second houses on to your children instead of selling them to foreigners and corporations.
  • For middle-class and upper middle-class women, raise your children instead of working. As the wealthiest generation in human history, Boomer mothers had less need to work than any women in all of human history. And yet, female participation in the workforce doubled.
  • Call that which is good, good, and that which is evil, evil.
  • Pass on your knowledge and your skills rather than hide them from your children.
  • Advise the younger generations to avoid the wide and easy path you walked.

This is a failure of stewardship, and since that terms may be alien to some of you here is the definition: " ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources." This, in Western culture, has its roots in the Bible as Man is called to be a steward of what God bestows upon him, but the concept is truly global and ancient.

Stewardship means that our concept of ownership needs to be rectified to the historical and divine norm, which the Boomers and their enablers have done a great job at burying down the memory hole. The good kings of old were stewards, and every story of bad princelings succeeding good kings is a story of a father failing to raise his son as a worthy successor by failing to impart the importance--and truth--of stewardship. The reason? The princeling thinks he owns what he inherits, when he does not; he is no more than the man entrusted to oversee it, to safeguard it, and to cultivate it so that it prospers.

The sovereign of a country, the patriarch of a nation, is no more in truth an owner than the Pope owns the Church. What he receives is passed down to him by his predecessors, and he in turn is obligated to pass what he inherits to his successors--his posterity--and during his time in control of it the lawful limits of his actions are those that damage what he is to bequeath. The Boomers' sins are exactly that failure of stewardship--of land, of blood, of nation, of Civiliztion, and more--and all in the false notion of ownership that their enablers lied into their ears as a whore lies to her John.

As much as it is correct to crticize the Boomers we should be sharing that blame with their parents for failing to enforce compliance by any means necessary, which is the lawful right of a steward because it is his duty to do so. More than a few fathers saw what their sons were becoming and failed to correct their error, choosing cowardice over necessity as surely as their sons would in time, and more than a few mothers coddled their children in those errors likewise.

Once can, rightly to a degree, say that the post-WW2 prosperity of the US in particular and the West generally brought on an r-select shift to its present peak; that does not excuse the Boomers or their fathers for their failures, but only give an explanation of the forces wielded to shape the field against by those same enablers--the Thralls of Empire--that are now looting the very West that they sought to exploit.

The consequence is that stewardship isn't even taught now, because it has been--to quote the vanished Frame Game Radio--"unthought" via media and academic manipulation of the population, and as such the very idea is yoked to "slavery" or "oppression" because r-select psychology has no concept of delayed gratification or non-emotional reasoning (as befits the rabbits that "r" stands in for). Only when there is scarcity and conflict does stewardship become thinkable, because only when a thing is necessary do men commonly even conceive of it at all.

As Empire is falling, so too are the Thralls' ability to suppress the truth of reality, and stewardship is one of them. Rather than wait for grim necessity to force men to relearn what was once common knowledge the hard way, better that it be relearned now while it is still painless to do so and return to the historic norm of life: that one is not an atomized individual with naught but what he possesses, but one of a kinship bound by blood (family) whose master its its father (patriarch) called to lead his people and thus to management men and material to best effect for the long-term good of that kinship. This is lawful governance, AND IT SCALES AS IT IS FRACTAL.

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