Sunday, June 6, 2021

Narrative Warfare: The World Wars Are The Murder of the West

The Didactic Mind has a good post about today's D-Day anniversary, including some notes on the Russian perspective of the war, that you ought to read. You can find that here. This past week also saw Vox Day talk about Stalin's War, a historical work mining Soviet archives to get that very perspective and how that challenges the Official Narrative here in the West (and with good reason). That post is here.

Due to the basis in World War II that the Globohomo mythology our current incarnation of Empire has, it is no surprise that it is taking this long before the Official Narrative finally shows signs of cracking and the truth begins to seep out in uncontrolable ways. The Narrative cracks because it is a lie sitting atop a pyramid of lies, fragile as the sugar glass used to make prop glass for film and television stunts.

What is going to come out is going to lead to not only the two conclusions Didact mentioned--that WW2 was both unnecessary and inevitable--but to a third: it was deliberately staged by the parties that benefited most from it, and the war before it, to generate the very Globohomo insanity we see now.

It is not disputed in serious places, or by serious people, that the West was a stronger, healthier, more vibrant and vital place before 1914 than after 1945. The contrarians on Official Media are the same people that tell you that the Wu Flu is legit, Fauci isn't a lying shitbag, and the US 2020 elections were not stolen. (Substitute similar local versions as you wish to get the point across to others.)

There was no accident, no hubris, etc. that made the first World War--and thus the Second--inevitable. The system of entangling alliances that lead Pricip's murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand to end with Europe butchering its finest men across France's fields in the West and the entire Baltic region in the East, that lead to entire paradigms of social order being cast down and replaced by outright Satanic substitutes, that struck the Doloros Stroke for the influence of the Church in the West, all of this was no accident of history. This was murder, cold and calculating premeditated murder with malice aforethought, and the beneficiaries today are the inheritors of the murderers what did it.

Until they are named, shamed, and put to the flame there is no future for the West or its surviving sons. The naming has begun. The shaming will follow, and so shall the flames and with all routes of escape to the East now closed the only truly inevitable thing now is that Empire falls.

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