Sunday, June 27, 2021

Narrative Warfare: The Medium Isn't Just The Message, It's The Battlefield

Blonde in the Belly of the Beast isn't as active as she used to be--marriage and young children take up your time--but she does continue to do long livestream interviews with folks we dissidents ought to know of and they talk about things that matter to us.

Even if you don't care for the guest or the subject, mark this: doing livestreams like this is one of the most fundamental forms of alternative media available to us.

It is by directly connecting like this, and having both a live chat as well as an archive available after the fact, that dissidents can and do circumvent a hostile Establishment in Thrall to Empire.

Yes, being on YouTube is a weakness, which is why the more resilient and radical dissidents treat YouTube as a funnel mechanism at best and don't rely on it alone anymore. The catch is that YouTube remains where normies go for video and streaming by default; the app is a default app on smartphones and tablets, and being integrated into Google's larger network means that everyone with a Gmail account has a YouTube account.

In short, you're doing yourself a disservice by shunning it entirely at this point, and if you've just started out--or you stay under the radar--you can make YouTube work for you until you're ready and able to begin moving off of it to a more secure alternative and repurpose your channel as an archive or restream host (as former Killstream co-host Flamenco does; he multi-streams to YouTube, Twitch, DLive, and Trovo).

And, as Vox Day found out the hard way, most normies DO NOT READ. They rely exclusively on video for information, much like their Boomer forebearers rely entirely on TV, so shunning video out of some retarded sense of Muh Artistic Purity is as surely a path to becoming a Cuckservative as any other Muh Principles bitchfest excuse for failure is. You have to fight where the action is. This is what lead him to create Unauthorized.

(Oh, and for you authors out there, as soon as you can get into audiobooks; most normie book consumption is still audio-focused.)

Success in video is more difficult than in written work, takes more to get started, and requires mastery of skills and concepts some of you still find disconcerting--the Thralls are dominant for reasons other than the failure of good men to act--but nonetheless are true and objective facts of reality. However, as our enemies demonstrate--as our more successful dissidents demostrate--the rewards are well worth the work required.

That we are already at the point where someone like me talking about this being something for most to seriously consider speaks far more to the true nature of the situation being in our favor overall than any glib recitation of schoolyard Rhetoric or the dry recitation of facts one expects from typical Dialectic discourse. If you can, act on this now.

Empire falls.

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