Sunday, July 25, 2021

Narrative Warfare: Known Problems Usually Are Solved Problems

The news about California suing Blizzard put this to mind.

If you have persistent problem, going on for over a century, and you have every single recorded generation reporting the same issues in the same sorts of circumstances and all of the legal and social prohibitions put down still do not fix the problem then any reasonable observer would conclude that another solution should be implemented. That solution should come at the problem from another perspective, a perspective that stands on a clear analysis of how the disfavor behavior operates--as if analyzing a malfunctioning machine--and directly addresses that malfunction.

Remove that which causes undue friction, and you remove the friction.

Remove the prey from the field, and there is no predation because there is nothing for predators to prey upon.

Keep things apart that have no need to be together.

Our ancestors figured this out millenia ago. It is one of the many lies of Modernity that created this sort of persistent problem. Therefore this is a solved problem and all we need to do is to restore--reimplement--the proven solution to the known issue and the problem goes away. The problem, therefore, is a problem of politics and culture--ultimately of narrative and religion--and until that changes there is no will to restore the proven solution to the known problem.

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