Sunday, July 4, 2021

Narrative Warfare: When The Judiciary Runs Amok

Bill Cosby got out of prison the other day. The Execellence of Elocution cut a rant you ought to hear.

The TLDR is that Cosby got screwed for political reasons due to conflicts between members of the Judiciary in Pennsylvania. The damage is done, of course, so there is naught but cold comfort to be had here.

The entire thing felt like a set-up from the get-go, as it had all the tells of a scam driven by media hit-pieces and professional victims, but being reversed on appeal and released doesn't mean that Cosby will have either the will or the means to go after the parties responsible. No, what we see here is not Cosby as a man with agency. What we have here is a man reduced to a pawn for an existing internecine fight, one he got stuck into in an opportunistic manner by his enemies, and thus made to endure the spectacle in exactly the manner explained by the saying "the process is the punishment".

It does not matter what Cosby is actually guilty of, if anything. What matters is that folks with their own agenda decided to use a pop cultural insanity to destroy enemies and help friends. Count on a lot of these high-profile prosecutions to be similiarly compromised or corrupt if they are seriously and competently examined, and count on encoutering yet more judicial corruption when you do so.

These things always start with politically-disfavored targets because of that status. Makes it easier to justify to parties inclined and able to stop it, and after that's done a few times you begin to creep closer and closer to screwing ordinary people in the same manner. Past a given point, you reached a critical mass of momentum and you can't stop it without a similiarly organized and dedicated effort to seize and hold power.

There are other tells of corruption, and one of them is judicial manipulation of the jury- which is what happened both here and in the recent Chauvin case. You cannot rely on the jury being properly impartial, so you can't rely on a well-reasoned argument being any benefit to you; the corruption of juries fixes the results before trials begin, which reliably turns the trial itself into a ritual humiliation of the target. It is being tricked into wearing the Devil Horns for a Death Cult ritual execution.

And because these are all driven by Friend/Enemy distinction, using this lens reliably exposes political prosecutions and does so for what they are: ritualized performance of aid to allies and execution of enemies, using the power of the state to enforce the results and (with media aid) disguise the reality of the situation behind a fraud of civil impartiality.

When the judiciary realizes that they have the power to do this on their own behalf, they always run amok, and that is what happened here. Cosby getting out isn't necessarily fixing a corruption mistake; it is far more likely that he served his purpose so there was no point in holding him any longer, and the damage done to him by this prosecution will be significant enough to keep him down hereafter. In short, getting released isn't a win for him.

Which means that savvy dissidents are realizing that they need to avoid the courts as best they can, and get savvy in dealing with it when they must.

However, judicial corruption is late-stage decadence. It relies on a compliant enforcer class--these lawspeakers ain't handling the arresting, confinement, and punishment themselves--and once that class turns it's over. Because this is a late-stage affair, that comes sooner than later, so far from this being a lasting status it's a tell of collapse being on the table. Plan accordingly. Empire falls.

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