Sunday, July 18, 2021

Narrative Warfare: They Don't Care About Material Profit, Only Power

I did not expect to see this in my feed today, but here it is.

For those of you familiar with Wizards of the Coast, a Hasbro subsidiary, now you know why that company's Social Justice Warriors--Death Cultists, pawns of Empire--act like they're untouchable. Their parent company is also held in thrall by the Death Cult, so those SJWs are untouchable so long as the parent company can cover for them.

Among the many reasons for why they seek to subvert and converge organizations founded by others is that it simultaenously grants them power and resources while denying them to their enemies. As I have said so often here, that is most important with cultural and financial organizations; they are in this for power, not mere profit, and those two places are sources of power in the world. The former creates the politics, the latter greases the wheels that makes its all go.

When dissidents like myself say "There is nowhere to run" this is what we are talking about. This is how it works. They use trusted institutions as skinsuits, hiding until they believe they are untouchable, then go masks off and say "You have no alternative. Submit or die."

We were not believed by a lot of normies. This video begins to address that disbelief, despite their own revealed preference to reject Death Cult media offerings whenever they can find alternatives that satisfy them. (e.g. the utter domination of Japanese comics among young Western audiences in North America, and their serious contention in Europe with local titles, now being followed by Korean and Chinese counterparts) It also show that the Death Cult isn't taking their position for granted, as they feel threatened by Far Eastern media.

The silver lining here is that the revulsion a lot of Westerners feel towards SJW-converged media and toy companies, because it has access to alternatives the Cult does not control, have a way to escape from the Death Cult's aims of total thought control. This, coupled with individuals coming forward like our man in the video, demonstrates that the Death Cult's claim of hegemony is not what actually is. It is, in fact, weak and the masters know it.

If you want to know why the Death Cult seeks to corral, control, and choke off Far Eastern media now you have your explanation. While not explicitly for us in the West, Far Eastern media and creators are not against us; they merely seek to entertain, and we happen to be a nice secondary audience to have after their own kinsmen back home are satisfied. That alone is enough to prompt hit-piece after hit-piece, subversion attempt after subversion attempt, and warning after warning about this heresy being issued to them by we that appreciate them.

That the Death Cult seeks to seize and turn your children as early as possible may surprise the normies, may shock them, and that is good. Be ready to tell them that these people hate them, so stop giving them money and have alternatives on hand to point them to as replacements for whatever it is that shook them.

And, inevitably, when they ask why, tell them the truth: they don't care about profit, only power. The sooner they decide to act to save themselves and their children, the sooner Empire falls.

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