Sunday, August 22, 2021

Collapse Starts Within, With Character

This news item tells you all that you need to know about the regime's character.

If this were a true and legitimate issue, you would never see this happening. They would be acting as if it were going to kill them if they didn't comply. Instead, they wish to humiliate you with the truth by letting this be seen, confident that they will face no consequences for it.

Well, none that they would acknowledge as such.

If you shave away at a granite column grain-by-grain, it will take years but inevitably it will fail and collapse. If you neglect to do maintenence on a machine, inevitably it will seize up and cease functioning. So it is with the machinery of governance, and the lubrication of governance is legitimacy. Without that, you can only use fear and force, and that is short-term at best because sooner or later you either wear out their fear or you over-extend your force and then you are done.

With each humiliation reveal, they shave away at their legitimacy. They are relying more on fear--especially fear--and trying (and failing) to over-extend their force, both of which are also now reaching the end of their effective use- you'll know it when they openly gun people down in the streets en masse and let it be seen in the media.

This is not a regime in ascendency. This is a regime--a global empire--in collapse, as these are all moves you use to (a) assuage your own fears of impotency (humilating the enemy) while (b) demonstraing that you still have power (the rest).

And I would hold off on cheering the other would-be global player. The Chicoms are nothing more than another Imperial Chinese dynasty, and already they too show signs of decline and collapse, something their predecessors would find worthy of ridicule. Even if they make a go at Taiwan, they stand a good chance at blowing it without American intervention, because their own internal institutions are too riddled with corruption and incompetency to do more than play Frame Games weaponizing Face and trying to out-do Globohomo at its own game of debt-based enslavement.

This will be neither another American nor a Chinese century. It won't be Russian either; they don't want to be Global Hegemon. Empire's falling, and only those of strong and proper character will be able to rebuild after it's done. Be ready.

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