Sunday, August 8, 2021

Narrative Warfare: On The Afghanistan Withdrawl

Vox Day commented over the past week on the announced retreat of the US military from Afghanistan.

He, and others, should not be so quick to enjoy the schedenfraude. There is another way for the Globohomo elite to pursue their Afghanistan agenda militarily without using formal state militaries to do so: Private Military Contractors, i.e. mercenaries.

More of the real work is being moved out of the public sector--out of military and intelligence agencies--and into their private counterparts. This is a consistent trend that's been going on for decades, and these corporate cutouts for the elite sidestep formal government oversight at both nation-state and super-state levels- and with it, any possible hope of their power being checked in the slightest.

In addition to dodging government oversight, it also permits massive looting of whole populations by funneling tax revenues from government agencies to private counterparts to use off-the-books for whatever the Globohomo players want done, starting with laundering money to assets necessary to keep operations working as intended (e.g. astroturfed groups like Antifa and BLM) and ending with silently murdering enemies and rivals both in "foreign lands" and "at home". (In quotes because for these corporations they make no such distinction.)

With regard to Afghanistan, I think the removal of US military presences there is primarily to give a narrative cover to the removal of media attention to the country while PMCs move in on behalf of Globohomo multinationals to secure the desired resources--mineral and otherwise--they want for their own operations, fair and foul alike. This necessarily will mean things usually called "war crimes" and "human rights violations" like wholesale slaughter of entire villages and trafficking of people to and from the country (along with opium, rare earth minerals, and more).

In short, far from being the end of Globohomo imperial ambition I have good reason to believe it's a shift in the regime running things, no different than what you see in Dune when Arrakis goes from Harkkonen to Atredies (and back again) because of how the elite want the resources--the Spice--to keep flowing without bothering them with the details.

For us in the US, much like Vietnam, it's going to be Out Of (Media) Sight/Out of Mind; in reality, on the ground it's going to from Private Pile on patrol to Operator Pile doing black bag ops or wetwork detail on selected high-value or high-threat targets and getting paid fat sacks of cash (maybe even literal fat sacks of cash) to do it that made his former military pay look pathetic. For the Pashtun, they'll soon see that the only change is the patch on the uniforms.

And the media will never report on any of it. Not the Globohomo media in the West, not the Russian media, not the Chinese media- no one but independents with balls of steel and reliable intel networks of their own to draw from. If you think the blackout on Syria is bad, watch Afghanistan get memoryholed in real time.

In addition to literal and metaphorical looting of the imperial periphery now continuing without any unwanted attention, the PMCs can also metaphorically loot the imperial centers by charging them handsomely (with the help of compliant allies in government they give kickbacks to, deniably) as well as assist in keeping dissent at home impotent via services they are all too ready to render- often as "consultants" or "trainers", the same grift the Critical Race Theory cultists use.

Don't be so quick to cheer formal government collapse; that's just shedding the skin for Empire. They have parallel structures in place; we should too, beyond their control.

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