Sunday, August 29, 2021

Narrative Warfare: When The Enemy Gives Away The Game

The Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, posted today about some feminist whining about dissident men taking inspiration from the Taliban's victory in Afghanistan.

The whine:

"These alienated men hate all of it – the whole woke world view, from racial tolerance to LGBT rights to feminism. And they’re lionising the Taliban as heroic anti-woke freedom fighters."

"They’re looking at images of gun-waving men in a violent, war-torn wasteland where women can be beaten with impunity. And they’re not horrified. They’re envious."

The response:

"Of course we have no patriotic love for the frauds that feign to fly the flags of our cultures and nations. Clown World isn’t our culture. Mixed-race multiethnic multireligious transgendered diversity isn’t our nation."

"The nations will rise. The neoclown empire will fall. Christendom will return. And feminism, which is the only political ideology in history more stupid than Communism and more evil than National Socialism, will be eradicated."

Again, the SDL isn't wrong here. Twenty years pushing Globhomo faggotry ended in failure because the Taliban, whatever else may be said of them, provided not only a more imminent presence of force but also a superior moral vision as well as the will to see it done.

Globohomo, being a Death Cult, only works against an opposition that it has already gaslit to accept its implicit premises. That's what the Long March was really about; getting the insitituional power was the manifestation of that gaslighting. It is no surprise that it would fail against opponents that it had not taken a century or more gaslighting their way into power.

This this what dissidents are noticing, and it is this very fact that our whining feminist bemoans. She knows, and she's afraid that these dissidents will get the memo and begin focusing their efforts on--to invoke Alex Jones--break the conditioning.

In short, the feminist is warning that they need to ramp up the open seizure of totalitarian power before the Narrative Warfare turns totally impotent.

In typical fashion, said whiner is doing so when it is too late to do it. The dissidents are noticing, and thanks to this moron saying the quiet part aloud they'll get the memo faster than they would otherwise.

Now the narrative will begin to shift against them in ways that they will perceive.

That doesn't mean that we'll see it right away, unless you're good at reading mainstream media pieces for the Narrative Warfare angles they're pushing; watch for hit-pieces on all forms of alternative media, more finacier-based attacks thereupon, and the ratcheting of media access controls so that dissidents are further corralled and controlled (all the while ignoring that there are means they cannot control at the disposal of dissidents).

This is why pagan LARPing will not work. This is why proper nationalism is not sufficient--necessary, absolutely, but not sufficient--because Empire's Thrall gave away the game:


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