Sunday, September 26, 2021

Narrative Warfare: Tribe Up Or Get Picked Off

This past week, Black Pigeon Speaks (on his Felix Rex channel) put out this.

There's no way around it now, much as CivNats wish it were not so. Muh Individualisms are now the same play as those picked off in this scene.

You will be picked off if you're going at it alone and you are not deeply dug in, and if you are that only buys you time before you either make a run for it or get overwhelmed. Find yourself a group, get behind a competent leader, and remain loyal to him--and it will be him--against the hordes now rolling upon the shores in service to the traitors within the gates.

(Oh, and since this is a well-known thing in the circles I monitor, be wary of grifters looking to exploit this--you--only to leave you when the test comes. Also, Glowies.)

This is the consequence of Empire.

Civilization only thrives when nations are arrayed like orderly neighborhoods: each to their own domain, socializing in the commons to trade and on ocassion to assist in common matters, but otherwise keeping to themselves and neither coveting nor minding that of their neighbors.

Empire, being parasitic and predatory, upends all of this to ultimately destructive ends. The drug-addict quality forces those afflicted to turn criminal and prey upon others, yoking them to the will of the addict--to the Thrall--in order to compel sustainance from the subjects for the addicts to (vainly) satisfy their cravings.

The end result, that of overreach and collapse, leaves worse than nothing behind. Scores--great and small--get settled and lots of people don't survive the sudden shift out of the very comfortable lives they thought would go on forever because they never believed that it could happen to them.

Time indeed to review the lives of post-collapse Romans and similar imperial collapses, like the fall of the Soviet Union, because it's about to hit in the West and that does include the entire globe due to global interdependence. Empire is falling.

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