Sunday, October 3, 2021

Why I Don't Fear Winnie The Pooh

As much as I like and listen to Vox Day on a number of things, China is not one of them. That's because of the far superior experience and expertise of these two men, an American and an Afrikkaner, whose videos on the ground exposing the ChiComs for who and what they are--and thus why China cannot overtake the West--are far superior sources of commentary and information than whatever the Supreme Dark Lord is relying upon. This is their recent podcast.

SerpentZA and laowhy86 lived and worked in China for years. They dealt with the billionaires, the officials, the street peddlers, the strivers, the petty bureaucrats, and plenty of vapid thots looking to get that bag. They went there, saw it, did it, and are now on the CCP's shitlist for showing the rest of the world how it really is--including being able to get into and out of the country as easily as they do--which does indeed cause lose of face.

It is because of these two men and their ability to show us how China really works that I have no confidence in their ability to succeed so long as they face substantial opposition. It is telling that India--not exactly a showcase for civilizational competence these days either--can effectively and persistently check China regionally and via soft power by way of its own popular culture exports. Taiwan has good reason to be confident at its power to maintain its independence, and other powers in China's sphere of influence (e.g. Japan, South Korea) aren't talking to each other about mutual defense and trade for China's benefit.

This also means that I would not regard Russia as being friendly with China either; they see in Beijing what once ruled from Moscow, especially the man that runs Russia. What I see out of countries close to China is rather a policy of containment, knowing full well that its internal situation is a ramshackle mess as fragile as taped-together shards of glass, and if it weren't for its persistent policy of foreign espionage it would be completely hemmed it.

(TLDR: The only reason any country is friendly to China is due to ChiCom fuckery, usually blackmail and bribery.)

As the Evergrande incident shows, the country's finances are a shitshow and you'll see the same lack of care in all activity in China; it's only a matter of time before something major breaks such as Three Gorges and China's ability to do anything other than be a Gamma Male writ large becomes brick-to-face obvious. Indeed, it would be more surprising if it wasn't destroyed by external actors rather than the usual ChiCom shoddy work born of corruption and incompetence.

That means that we aren't going to have a Chinese Century. The Middle Kingdom ain't coming back anytime soon, and once the critical infrastructure--already under severe strain; see ADV's rolling blackout videoes--fails there will be no hope for the Han at home until after 2201 at the earliest.

(Not that this means that we're going to get a Russian or a second American Century either.)

So, what to make of this Conservative Treehouse article that claims the Glowies set up China for the Wu Flu?

Embrace the power of "and".

The ChiComs want to be a world-striding collosus. They thought they could turn Glowies. They thought they did, and they got played in turn. Smarter CCP actors realized this and used the situation to advance their positions internally; this is the source of Winnie's current turn to crack down hard on Chinese media and entertainment, because that is where his enemies' powerbase resides and they were the party that got suckered by the Glowies. Expect Winnie to shirk all blame on to them sooner or later, call them "corrupt" and line them all up against the wall.

Winnie does not care about keeping foreign companies happy. He knows--and ADVChina confirms--that he's got a rock-solid hold on the minds of common Chinese in the country via total narrative control; he's confident that he can extend that control over any territory that he somehow manages to conquer and hold for at least a generation. I suspect that the recent anti-effiminacy pushes are defensive moves against foreign narrative attacks aimed at the long-term objectives of expanding ChiCom territory (and control).

He just hasn't yet figured out that neither he nor his key supporters have a long-term to look forward to. Once the dam breaks, the Party could easily go with it- especially if given the right push. That is what I think Globohomo--who turned on the ChiComs after the latter spurned their advances--aims to do to punish, break, and seize China for Empire.

Now if only Globohomo also figured that they they don't have a long-term to look forward to either. Empire falls, and the century to come will have no dominant power at all.


  1. Bradford

    I concour with about Vox's views about China. He regards its leaders as based when the very fact the leadership is communist disqualifies them from any moral legitimacy.
    I have different experience from the youtubers you cite. I taught Chinese students in an Asian country.
    These were the ones who would never make in the Chinese education retrace. And they were also the anchors in case the family had to flee.
    To conclude, the kids are even more lost because nationalist communism offers no transcendence.


  2. You are 100% correct on this one. China may build a giant army with all their stolen tech...but it is still going to be built by Chinese workers that will cut corners, overseen by supervisors looking to get the most buck for the cheapest materials, and watched over by bribed party officials.

    1. I'm trying to find a video in Twitter where an African monistervis publically berating Chinese construction workers over ther shoddy hospital. It's a real lose of face as the minister is quite blunt and frank.


  3. Video on rolling blackouts: