Sunday, September 19, 2021

Narrative Warfare: When The Enemy Quietly Secures The Enforcers' Loyalty

Time to get something in front of the YouTube Lawyers, because this one is nasty as it gets. Quoting the article:

"Does a federal badge allow a police officer to violate your constitutional rights with absolute impunity? The answer is “yes,” according to two U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals in three different cases brought by a Somali refugee who was in her teens, a 70-year-old Vietnam veteran and a small business owner/mechanic. Nearly 60 million Americans now live in states where the courts offer absolute immunity to federal officers who violate someone’s constitutional rights. As one federal judge recently lamented, “Private citizens who are brutalized—even killed—by rogue federal officers can find little solace” in the current accountability framework.”

The linked article goes on to explain the cases in depth, but the reality is exactly as stated: the US Federal judiciary just turned all Federal agents into the sort of corrupt Judges that Dredd loathes.

The US has, by judicial fiat, turned these agents into executioners and thus given them the protected status that a Praetorian caste requires to remain loyal to an endangered regime. This does not yet apply to the agents of the several states or to city/county agents, but if it is not stopped now it will soon be the case and at that time an already informal practice of law enforcement thinking itself above the people--"Thin Blue Line" and all that--will be fully formalized and a status hierarchy among them with it- with the Feds again at the top.

This, by the by, is another reason for why there is no voting your way out of this mess. Any electoral process insufficiently fixed to produce the desired result can be sued into irrelevance in the courts while loyalists in the Executive sandbag to buy time and otherwise sabotage reform attempts.

This only works wholly as intended so long as it remains concealed. Exposure, even of this sort, is damaging because it hurts their narrative.

These rulings wouldn't be necessary if the Thralls of Empire remained secure in their power. They are doing these rulings out of weakness, to shore up what they see as an eroding base of power, and they want to guarantee their enforcers' loyalty by formalizing the already-informal separation and elevation of that caste away from the general population.

And for you honest cops and Feds out there, for the love of God watch your six and get clear as soon as you can. You know this is going to turn into a shitshow the instant a Fed does something that gets local or state cops imprisoned (e.g. George Floyd) and skates with aplomb citing this exact ruling, and no amount of "I'm an honest cop!" will save you or your family. Get out now, while you can, and then get clear before this blows up.

And it will blow up. This ruling signals not only the desperation of the regime, but also where they think their preparations are for moving from covert to overt totalitarianism is- which necessitates a culling of the herd to get and keep them down to a managable state in tightly-controlled confines (i.e. imprisoning entire populations).

It's encouraging because it's a sign of weakness. It's dangerous because cornered rats are viscous and violent with no restraints whatsoever on their use of force. Empire falls, and it tries to take its enemies with it.

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  1. Bradford,

    In Britain, no less, a cop was sentences to life imprisonment for murder. Under the cover of the COVID regulations, he kidnapped, raped and murdered a woman.

    And this is sure to restore trust: