Sunday, November 28, 2021

Shiba Inu of Color, What Is Your Wisdom?

Folks are still enjoying the Thanksgiving's Day weekend with their families and friends, so I'll be brief and quote a certain Shiba Inu of Color I know (from Discord):

This is the thing, nobody wants to admit that we're as bad as, possibly even worse than our enemies.

Except I keep seeing more and more evidence that is the case.

You've been told you're free. Except, you know you're not.

Now, perhaps there's a case to be made that only being allowed freedom within very strict limits set by your leaders is an agreeable state of affairs if they're benevolent.

Except, we all know they aren't.

This isn't being done for our own good, it's for their own enrichment.

Empire lies. The lies work so long as they cannot be revealed. They are being revealed. Empire falls.

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