Sunday, November 21, 2021

On The Acquittal of The Hero Kyle Rittenhouse

The Kenosha Kid, Kyle Rittenhouse, got acquitted on all counts this past Friday about midday. The reactions were as you would expect from the Thralls.

Which, after much mirth, prompted this reflect from everyone's favorite Good Boy Beige Shiba (via Discord):

Honestly, I don't think leftoids understand how much of a bullet they dodged as a result of Rittenhouse being acquitted.

Retaining self defence was actually the lesser evil for them.

Because if self defence just got yeeted out, the logical conclusion would be for dudes at the end of their rope to just show up to protests, loaded for bear and just go full score attack mode.

And I'm pretty confident that's what would have ended up happening.

The entire point of self defence is that it puts limitations on lawful violence. If you remove those limitations entirely, either way, you forget the matter of what people do when they don't want to live any more.

(Continued after an aside about Glowie ops)

I'm saying that if people were denied legal protection in the event of self defence, that is a potential "Welp, terrorism it is" moment.

I wouldn't expect it to be any kind of coordinated or effective resistence or insurgency.

It would just take one dude in the vicinity of each riot to go "Fuck it, I have nothing left to live for and I am fucking sick of these people".

And right now the system is creating an abundance of such people. And I think most leftoids haven't understood that because they cannot into politics.

Shiba ain't wrong, but that's the half of it.

The instant this touches off, you get a pair of mutally-reinforcing Stand-Alone Complex issues.

The Thralls, being programmable NPCs, will get Order 66 relayed to them and they'll go all Zombie Horde well past their heretofore acceptable boundaries into the suburbs and exurbs where Designated Enemies are known to reside. Despairing Normies, seeing no way out, give no fucks dumping mags into the horde--which, sooner than later, returns fire--and smarter players on both sides begin avoiding the masses in favor of scouting High Value Targets (such as journalists and media outlets) to shoot-and-scoot. Assassinations and drive-bys by both sides against those targets that don't immediately hunker down like Third World politicos get yeeted, and no the Feds won't be able to do much to keep it under control even if they wanted to (and yes, they do, for very cynical reasons).

If the Thralls got what they wanted, we'd be in a countdown to Civil War, because that's exactly what this scenario would turn into and it would be the Bosian or Yugoslavia sort of neighbor-v-neighbor score settling that gets nasty and brutal at lightspeed. The responses to the initial fighting would guarantee that Civil War would happen, and the United States would be useless internationally until well after its conclusion.

Not that the enemy won't try again, either by siccing the Feds on him or some other means, because they cannot let this affront to their amygdala--their mentality--stand; if they don't kill Kyle, they'll murder someone else--like what they did in Portland--to settle the score in their minds.

Therefore the best way to protect Kyle is to faciliate his diappearance from the scene and keep him out of sight for the time being. Let him enjoy Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's in peace with his family and friends and not worrying about some Antifa/BLM hit team or mob ambushing him out of the blue somewhere to get revenge for a pedophile, a wife-beater, and a perfidious felon. If nothing else, pray for his safety and his healing; we'll need men like him in the hard times to come as Empire falls.

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