Sunday, November 7, 2021

Narrative Warfare: When They Tell You What They Fear (Deniably)

This is a typical Globohomo Narrative Warfare attack.

The source is Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster and thus part of Germany's Establishment. Think of DW as being part of the international media Establishment and thus on par with the BBC in the UK (and its counterparts in Canada and Australia, CBC & ABC respectively), France 2 (duh), and the entire legacy broadcast media scene in the US.

In short, it's a long-ago converged media arm of Empire and thus exists to advance media narratives favorable to Globohomo.

The purpose of this documentary is not to inform Normies. This documentary exists to signal to fellow travelers that existential threats to Empire are not trivial, despite recent success in putting down those threats in the heart of its raw and soft power (US) and good news out of a breakaway province (China), and that they need to program the Normies under their control to weaponize them against these threats.

You can see this in the language used. "Democracy" is present a priori as an unalloyed good, along with all of the atomized grey goo cosmopolitan urbanite bugman social norms Globohomo promotes for Empire's totalitarian collectivism to work. The sly slights against anything contrary to Globohomo's presumptions of allowing nations to actually run their own affairs, using Muh Environmentalisms and Muh Feminisms as excuses to act and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) as front organizations for their Intelligence operations aimed at these targetted nations.

They even slyly admit that the NGOs are fronts, in the usual manner of inversion by (a) citing a clear example of a typical Glowie op and (b) doing a DARVO move at the accusation of being a front for a hostile intelligence operation.

At no point do they deny that they are supra-national bodies taking offense as authentic nationalist moves to assert and defend its own existence and with it the right to conduct national affairs for the good of that nation first and foremost. They just don't admit it explicitly; they do so implicitly by attacking the idea that proper nations are indeed entirely homogenous populations and thus "democracy" works as literally defined, asserting instead that "Democracy" is instead how they wield power by dividing populations against themselves and using electoral mechanisms to seize and hold power for Globohomo and thus Empire.

They presume without question that they have the right to go into any country on the Earth and enforce Globohomo norms by any means necessary, and this documentary is proof of this ideological and identitarian positions. They say they favor national self-determination, but when that actually happens and it runs contrary to Globohomo that self-determination is attacked, undermined, and destroyed in favor of Globohomo imperialism- for Empire. And because they control the narrative, Globohomo media hegemony can and does frame issues to its advantage; breaking this Frame Game is required to destroy Empire.

Once you see the tells, you can't unsee it. If you can see it, you can counter it. If you can counter it, you can defeat it. Thus Empire Falls.

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