Sunday, June 11, 2017

Pebbles, The Time To Vote Has Passed

For those not paying attention to E3 this weekend, you likely heard about the anti-Sharia protests in the United States and elsewhere. While the lying whores that pretend to be news media gave cover to the pro-Sharia types, what wasn't well-covered were the violent outbursts that occurred. Antifa and their fellow travelers started shit, mostly in cities where their allies already run things, and while no injuries occurred the frequency of these attacks (and the continuing impotency of law enforcement there) means that we're now counting down the days until the shooting starts. Preventing wide-scale violence is now impossible.

For now, I recommend that you participate in the Safe Streets Project, but that will only buy time because it only delays the inevitable. Once Antifa realize that they can't rely on the masks, and they feel their brains about to burst because they can't stand the pressure, they'll cross the line and resort to unmasked violence en masse and double-down again on using their riot-threat to get cities, counties and states to bend the knee. The division of territory will become increasingly obvious.

Global civil war is now inevitable. It's now a question of "When?" and "How?". Hope for the cold war fought in courts, legislatures, and elections- messy as that is. I've studied enough history to know what the alternative, which is the traditional norm, looks like; it's not the (by comparison) clean and orderly way of the American Civil or the English Civil War. All of the dysgenic trends, and the totalitarian trends, make sense when you consider the Western Elites seeking to replace the Western Nations with more pliable peoples from elsewhere that are long-accustomed to being trampled upon by their masters. In short, the elites of Civiliation betrayed it for barbarians they foolishly believe they can yoke and rule. Fools.

The avalanche is coming. The Wolf Age is here. Get ready or get eaten.

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