Sunday, June 18, 2017

What Part of "Chicago Rules" Do You NOT COMPREHEND?

I try not to just post something someone else did and call it a day anymore, but Stefan Molyneux nailed it in this video.

He made this video in light of the follow brilliant example of Turnabout-is-Fair-Play organized by Mike Cernovich.

I approve. Wholeheartedly with without reservation. I look forward to more such operations. Why? Because, while the enemy sets of the terms of engagement, after that it's Chicago Rules. Apparently it is necessary to remind people what that is. Here you go.

And, on fucking cue, out come the cucks crying about how doing this is a bad thing.


It's ranting time, and you're going to sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, and listen to it from start to finish or I'll break your fucking legs.

Bullies great and small operate exactly as the Left has done. They're predators, and they care first and foremost about getting their way. They will use any rules you follow against you to get their way. That's what Alinsky's Rules For Radicals actually is: formalized, systamatized bullying intended to beat you into compliance with the bully's will.

I know, from a fucking childhood of bitter experience (a) what "cuckservatism" is and how it never works, and (b) that going on the offense and treating predators as the monsters that they are actually gets the job done. What happened at that Shakespeare production was warm-up; what's coming is exactly the escalation that Chicago Rules means. The Left, being rabbits, don't expect (and are not prepared for) actual resistance. Just this alone has already freaked them out.

And yes, the Left will escalate. They already have. Or did you not get what that shooting of the Congressman represents? What's next? Well, Anonymous Conservative already laid it out:

I don’t expect leftist shootings to become significantly more common though we will see them every so often as things go K. The reality is, the vast majority of leftists lack the balls, meaning only a small number of the most whacked will go that route. And judging by the last one, who showed up with an SKS semi-auto rifle to a field full of unarmed targets and failed to kill anyone, they won’t be all that effective. But I do expect leftist r-strategists to amp up the efforts to set in motion increased mortality mechanisms.

What is an increased mortality mechanism? It is a mechanism that increases the likelihood that savages will prey upon the innocent:

Civil War is now INEVITABLE! The Left wants it, and they're going to do what they can to get it while not taking any risks to themselves. The goal now is to ramp up the pressure past the point where the Left can think straight, and thereby force a catastrophic error that will give up all hope of winning to the Right. The Wolf Age is here. Get ready or get eaten. Empire must fall, and fall it shall.

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