Sunday, July 15, 2018

Narrative Warfare: This Coordinated Hitpiece Volley Is Familiar

Fake journalists in entertainment media are not the only ones who run private email lists to coordinate Narrative-shaping hits.

The hacks got it from their betters, the higher-status hacks at the "papers of record" (glorified blogs now), and this is the proof: first, that there's a pre-existing term for the practice ("astroturf") and that it follows the exact same pattern as that infamous "Gamers Are Dead" volley of bullshit that lead to #Gamergate. Short take: all of the mainstream media has no ethics.

This is pure propaganda, bought and paid-for, and reveals by behavior both the preference of those buying the propaganda as well as the true nature of "journalism" as a profession. Streewalking whores have higher ethical standards than what we've seen today out of the media.

What makes this instance notable is two-fold: that is it so blatantly obvious as a coordinated hitpiece volley, and that it is a laughably pathetic one that works only to members of the SJW Death Cult. The most this will do is signal to the ever-anxious school of fish which way to turn, and therefore whom to savage for stepping out of line.

This past week the Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, joined comicbook veteran Ethan Van Scriver on the latter's channel for a live talk on #Comicsgate, #Gamergate, the SJW menace and what to do about it. While long, it's a wealth of wisdom from both men on the matters at hand- particularly how Vox Day compares the SJW Death Cult to a school of fish in its psychology. It's worth your time. Embedded below.

And that's not all; because Vox Day has plenty of experience with SJWs he's figured out why they do what they do, which explains things like the reliance upon secret email lists and coordinated media attacks on targets that appear vulnerable (some of which hit, as we saw with Scarlett Johansson and Papa Johns this week). But the days that they can keep on doing this successfully are numbered.

They continue to use the same playbook, even as more people see it in ation and thus can't unsee it thereafter, because they are constitutionally incapable of doing anything else- it doesn't work to relieve the stress that their existential terror wreaks upon them. It's not about logic, reason, or even dogma- it's about sheer existential terror, and the propitiation thereof (because they are powerless to actually destroy what threatens them so).

How do you deal with this? The way the God-Emperor does: go on the attack, and go for maximum pain. That's the only way, short of crippling or killing them, to reliably shut them down. Watch the God-Emperor no-sell this hitpiece attack and then keep hammering them with "Fake News". It's brilliant, and it shows in how they fall over themselves to flail ineffectually in response. He's making Empire fall, and showing how fun it can be. Who wants to pass that party up?

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