Sunday, July 8, 2018

Narrative Warfare: This is What "Fork & Replace" Looks Like

Today Vox Day gave another commentary on how the shit grunts of Empire, the Social Justice Warriors, routinely end up showing their ass when they attempt to BadFeel their enemies into compliance by throwing "alt-right" at them like it's a bad thing. Enjoy yourself, folks. It's amusing, but the serious news is buried well into the post:

Two weeks ago I signed an agreement with a movie producer. We've since had a number of meetings with various organizations and I can state with some confidence that we will be skipping the whole "option" phase and go directly to making the movies and/or television shows ourselves in partnership with people who know what they are doing. Some of these scenarios involve crowdfunding and backer participation, others do not. We are also discussing the creation of a major new comics imprint with one or two partners and are in the process of completing Chuck Dixon's Avalon #1, after which we will launch our comic store campaign with the assistance of the VFM and the Dark Legion.

I expect that there will be a full press release when the details of the agreement are final, the contracts signed, and the move gets into motion- at which point it will be far too late for the Thralls of Empire to do a goddamn thing about it that's actually going to work.

What I want to bring to your attention is what this move is: Fork & Replace in action.

With the launch of Alt-Hero and Arkhaven Comics, Vox Day launched an attempt to fork the Western (North American, at this point) comicbook industry and its cultural influence off of the dying Big Two of Marvel and D.C. (and the also-rans in their shadow) which have long ago fallen to Empire and are now zombie concerns riddled with the maggots known as SJWs doing their very best to spread the memetic disease that Empire must maintain to be able to sustain itself.

The goal of the Fork is to create an alternative to the diseased branch and grow it into a competitor ready and willing to fully fill the void created when Empire's Thralls consume their host and make it collapse into ashes and dust. This is Replacement, and it is the explicit and avowed goal of the enterprise.

There is more to the overall operation than just the comics business, as we are now seeing come into view. Forking and Replacing the Western film and television business is a far greater undertaking, and will take longer to accomplish, but so long as this course can be maintained and the discipline to see it through holds fast then that will happen. As noted in the linked post, that sector is also collapsing and will fall into ruin soon enough of its own accord. (Fools like Culty Kathy at Lucasfilm just accelerate it.)

And I am pleased to see this happen. It signals that there is a breach in this front of the Culture War, one that we'd be fools to not exploit, and I'm already acting on that opportunity on both individual and collective ways. The days of Debbie Downers drabbing all dour and depressing are done; it's time to form up, lock shields, and break the enemies upon the shield wall- and then we advance, as one, crushing them underfoot as we impale them on our spears- all while singing joyful songs of brotherhood and victory.

We've been shown the way, folks. Time to get on with saving Civilization at the moral level. Now we shall turn back on them their cry: "We Shall Replace You!"

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