Sunday, July 22, 2018

Order Trumps All Other Concerns

What most people want is order. To that end everything else is subordinated, in order of preference. "Freedom" means "Order" because it means that they are about to go about the daily business of doing what is necessary to produce and maintain the conditions by which people for families and keep the line going. This Twitter rant is worth reading because it nails that topic hard. It starts here:

It goes on for quite a thread, but here's the big points made:

Now you can see how Civilization can vary from place to place, time to time, nation to nation and still be Civilization. It's sole justification for existence is to protect lawful human existence. It is not there for power tripping. It is not there for glory-mongering. It is not there for sating base needs or making others suffer your degeneracy. It is there to protect the things that Mankind requires to survive and thrive- material and spiritual alike. Everything destructive to that end gets destroyed.

Thanks to the Internet we know now what a lawful Civilization looks like: homogeneous nation-states. One nation, one domain, one culture, one religion. A world of kingdoms living as good neighbors, not a world of empire and its necessary evil just to exist.

Empire is Chaos lying about being that necessary Order. Empire the perversion. Empire must fall. Deus Vult


  1. It's highly encouraging that some people have awakened from the illusion of unlimited freedom and are now seriously discussing how to pursue the good.

  2. Bradford,

    Augustine called peace (and implicitly peace) ordered tranqulity (ordinis tranqualitas).
    My query is about the Mideast. It's always beeen rather mixed between the Christians and Moslems so what should the post Sykes Picot arrangement be?