Sunday, July 29, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Force To Reestablish Control Was Always on the Table

Last week I talked about how order trumps all other concerns. I described Empire as the entity that lies about providing that order while yoking the chaos necessary to maintain the illusion justifying their rule. Here comes Sargon of Akkad (still a believer in the Enlightenment and Civic Nationalism) with a video to prove the point (against his aims for doing this video):

This is he Thralls of Empire claiming to provide order while actually wielding chaos as a weapon against dissenters to preserve their power- power unlawfully gained, unlawfully sustained, and impossible to maintain indefinitely because Natural Law won't allow it.

No, this is not confined to the United Kingdom. The push to do this is everywhere; you may not notice, but it is present. Watch the segment where the feminist uses double-speak to mask her wielding of chaos to maintain a facade of order. Mark the measures that the UK government wants to impose in order to re-establish Narrative Control on behalf of their media allies (especially the BBC); they will be pushed everywhere.

Notice how the measures proposed here are no different than the willful and intentional weaponizeation of Codes of Conduct by SJWs to turf out wrongthinkers in an organization. This is why the SJWs are the grunts that the Leftist Death Cult uses to handle ground-level operations (including Antifa as their shock troops). This is Empire in action.

And notice just how closely these frauds are to authentic and sound policy as historically instituted across the West; replacing Christendom with a synthetic counterfeit is the beginning of the fraud, and now we see how this is the source of the degeneracy simply by noticing the effects of this substitution and subversion over time.

How can any honest observer not see the Satanic root of Empire now?

I'm not able to sweep away the political corruption, but I can stand at the shield wall to wage war to retake the culture. This past Thursday I launched a crowdfuning campaign to finish the work on my debut novel, first of a series of nine, called "The Star Knight Saga". Today I report that it is already 51% towards the initial goal, and with the help of common people everywhere I can ensure that I deliver this cultural counterattack at best speed. Please go here and contribute to my participation in the struggle to save Civilization.

And I present a future where that lawful and necessary order--Christendom--is once more restored as the norm of Civilization.

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