Sunday, December 1, 2019

Narrative Warfare: And The Reapers Will Rejoice In Their Reaping

To no one's surprise, the ones who intend to do the culling in the walled gardens of social media are eager cult acolytes.

This woman ain't part of the brain trust running the show. She's one of the many college-indoctrinated disposable cogs in the cult machine ready, willing, and eager to slit the throats of the cult's enemies and get all the headpats for doing so because that's what the cult demands of its disciples. She might as well be wearing a hood and screaming "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!"

But look at the disgust she has for normal people, and the joy she takes in damaging their ability to participate in public life. This is the Death Cult of Empire, folks. This is what it does to people. She cannot be reached with facts or logic; she is a Believer, Believers run on faith, and faith is immune to facts and logic. Now you see how and why Cuckservatice Inc. is utterly impotent; they are trying to use weapons that do not work on the monster. (Nevermind being complicit with or even part of the Cult; even if they weren't, their disbelief in Belief is why they fail.)

Look for this. Be ready for it. Today it's deplatforming, shadowbans, and permabans. They'll kill us if they could, and the steps to that end are being pushed now. Forking and replacing the infrastructure is not optional any longer. Empire must fall.

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