Sunday, December 15, 2019

The Nationalist Tide Cannot Be Stopped

In what promises to presage the 2020 Trumpslide, the Tories under Boris Johnson won the UK's General Election this past week. I concur with Friend of the blog Didact's Reach that this win is premised upon getting Brexit done.

It has to happen now. Boris campaigned on it, and in his desire to be remembered like Churchil we can expect him to push for it. The question now, in light of the coordinated media attack upon him alongside Antifa rioting in reaction, is how the UK branch of the Death Cult will sandbag Brexit further- and how Prime Minister Johnson will handle it. He should wield the full might of Her Majesty's Government against this seditious conspiracy, but I doubt he will.

In part this is because the UK's elites, up to the Royal Family, is steeped in the Death Cult. Even if some adherents, being more cynical and sober-minded about it, would be willing to cut the more chaotic elements (including bothersome royals) loose, this still would stop short of facilitating Brexit because their counterparts across the Channel in Brussels are too enamored of recreating Babylon in Europe to allow it.

God Wills It, Prime Minister. Get Brexit Done.

And as for why, I leave you with this Tweet by James Kirkpatrick. While originally for the American context, the point made applies to the United Kingdom as well as every other country that is, was, or shall be.

If England is not for the English, Scotland for the Scots, Wales for the Welsh, and Ireland for the Irish--if these parts of the UK are not for the British--then no, you don't have a country. You have a goddamn mall--not a High Street, a mall--and some company town housing. That is Empire in action, and Empire must fall.

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